Thankful Thursday


There is much to be thankful for and each week it’s great to take a moment to reflect upon ALL there is to be thankful for!

I am thankful for the wonderful christian family practice that we all go to.  First of all it is literally 3 min. from my house and secondly it is a great example of God’s love and care through the doctors and nurses who work there.

I am thankful for my cool iCal that keeps me so much better organized.  It’s right on my laptop, I can sync it to my iPod, and can print out copies for my family.  Next to my bible this is my most valuable possession! 🙂

I am thankful for the Girls Alive lessson I taught this week on  being pure.  They are 5th and 6th grade girls.  So the topic was Pancakes and Purity.  We made yummy pancakes and poured PURE maple syrup over them.  We then tasted another genaric syrup filled with all kinds of artificial ingredients.  We talked about how kids often like the artificial ingredient syrup more.   I compared  that syrup to  how their lives can become if they are not pure in their heart for God.  Their life becomes filled with artificial ingredients ( i.e. love of popular clothes, use of bad language, gossip, etc..) and  they become more likable to other kids, but may loose their pure hearts in the process.  It was a fun lesson, and I am thankful for God’s wisdom in teaching the lesson.  And I must say the pancakes were also very tasty.

I am thankful for a snow day on Monday, but I am also thankful for the spring flowers I am starting to see pushing up through the ground! 🙂

Spring is coming!!

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  1. Hi Sandy,

    what a great idea about purity and pancakes. neat… neat… neat… Will have to do this with my daughter. Hae a wonderful TT. Hugs.

  2. My daughter is in 7th now, I used to teach her class during 6th grade. That age is so much fun-and giggly, easily distracted etc-lol! That sounds like a great lesson! Those are wonderful things to be thankful for! I’m giving away a terrific scripture memory program- please check it out if you have time:) Blessings! Amanda:)

  3. I love that you are mentoring these girls. What a great age to teach them how valuable and precious they are! Thanks for sharing today. Yeah, Spring is coming!! Blessings, Mary

  4. “great example of God’s love and care through the doctors and nurses who work there.” is something I’m very, very thankful for right now.

    p.s. Reading your blog is these days is comfortable, yet unfamiliar. 😉

  5. I am thankful that spring is coming too. How cool that you all have a Christian practice. That is so neat. Our pediatrician and my OBG are both Christians and it is such a blessing.
    Happy Thankful THursday!

  6. What a fun idea to share purity with young girls! Such an important topic and one that needs to be covered with them often and I love hearing creative ways to do it. Thanks for sharing your TT post!

  7. AWesome thankful list. Mine is finally up!
    I just love the lesson you did with the pancakes and syrup. I just may “steal’ your idea for my own daughters’ devotional time.

  8. Amen to spring coming! Sometimes we get so bogged down in the winter of life we almost miss spring. Love your post this week.

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