Why I love “You Tube”

In a random weird, crazy, fun mommy moment, I started to sing this song out of the blue.  My kids immediately  gave me “THAT” look.  You know the look, the “are you for real mom, get a grip and stop singing that stupid song” look!  But being the obnoxious, fun mom that I am, I continued to sing it.  I  then went to You Tube and suddenly I had the  video below!

I  was able to let my kids enjoy the song  loudly blasted through out the entire house.

Yep, that is the kind of mom I am!  🙂

Won’t you sing along with me…..”here’s the story, of a lovely lady”……… I know some of you know all the words just like me!

The Brady Bunch Kids Opening

Life Lesson to remember – Have  fun with your kids, be silly with them, even if they give you “THAT” look! 🙂


  1. Hubby and I did that on the way home from church on Sunday…we started making up silly sentences to the tune of God is so good…mostly about our kids. They called us weird and tried to record us with the cell phone. but yet they still laughed about it.
    We love the Brady Bunch!

  2. Yes, I’m right there with you! I was recently singing another song I am almost positive Peter sang on one episode…When it’s time to change…you’ve got to rearrange!… Wasn’t that Peter?? My boys were pretty much horrified. But I also watched the Partrich family, so I might just be all befuddled in my old age and have the wrong actor in mind. LOL!! Those were the days. 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion to check out Fifth’s disease, btw. My little guy seems to be doing tons better, now. I’m fairly certain it was an allergic reaction to something. If I only knew to what…

  3. Sandy, I am about put a smile on your face! I am sure this won’t surprise you, but I actually own two…that’s right…two Brady Bunch cd’s. And better yet, I listen to them. And sing along with them! And my kids know every single song and every single word!!

    Yep, they are just as dorky as I am. And we love it!!

  4. yup. happens at our house. Only the look is usually because dave and i are either ballroom dancing or disco dancing like when we were teens 🙂 my daughters groan and sigh. too bad! and guess what…secretly they love it!

  5. LOL. I grew up with that show, and then my kids grew up with it thanks to Nickelodeon. Still I would get the eyeroll if I spontaneously burst out with it now that they are teens.

  6. That’s funny– I just played the video and showed it to my 7 year old (who, after I played the first time, asked me to replay it so she could sing along the second time!)…those were the days!

  7. 1)purchase black shower curtain
    2)cut out 9 squares
    3)recruit 8 friends
    4)don wigs
    5)hit play
    6)look up, down, over, around

    I was Jan! seriously!

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