Skipping church for a baseball game??

It’s Sunday and I am heading to SportTman’s baseball tournament, then leaving early for The Inventor’s two soccer games, then hopefully back to SportTman’s games for the championship.  So on this Sunday our day is filled with sports instead of church.  How do you feel about this??  I have wrestled with this for years since my kids are “sports kids.”

I finally think I have come to a place that I am comfortable with.  When they were younger (11 and under) they did not miss church for games, but now that we have established a foundation of the importance of church and SportTman also goes to youth group regularly, I am fine with it.  In SportTman’s case I believe he has God given talent and is able to play at a highly competitive level.   Then we should allow him to keep striving to do his best and play at the most competitive level, even if it means missing an occasional Sunday service.

When they were little we made it very clear to their coaches that they would be a church on Sunday mornings, and may have to miss a game or practice on occasion.  And the coaches in our experiences always respected our choice and we never got grief about it.  SportTman has also on occasion left practices a little early to make it to youth group on time, we have never gotten grief for that either.  We stood our ground and I think coaches respected it.  What truly matters is their relationship with Christ, and how they are living that out.

But alas, now that they are older and the stakes are higher and the competition levels more intense we are comfortable with allowing our kids to use and develop the gifts God has given them!  So off we go, play ball!

What are your thoughts?

This is what The Inventor does during SportTman’s games……she invents a shade shelter! 🙂


  1. The Bible says that on the 7th day the Lord rested (had His Sabbath) it does NOT say that day has to be Sunday!
    You enjoy these days….they go by fast.
    My daughter was into equestrian sports for 5 years and if she wanted to show it would have had to be mainly on Sundays. We always make sure our children know that “church” is not all about going on Sunday or even going to a particular service. but rather, it is supposed to be a time set aside to worship God, read the Scriptures, and rest…..and sometimes that might mean on a different day.GOod luck to your son and daughter!!

  2. “What truly matters is their relationship with Christ, and how they are living that out.” This statement says it all!

    I find it a shame on our society for putting us in the position of making us choose. I remember as a young girl, grocery stores were not open on Sundays, and definitely no organized sports activities were scheduled.

    Fire has all of his soccer games on Sundays. We are blessed though to have a church large enough to offer services on Saturdays and Sundays. Last night we attended services.

  3. Being raised in a preachers home…I was never allowed to miss church for anything, but I have to agree with you. As long as your child attends church as much as possible and has an established relationship with God…an occasional missing is fine.

  4. I too remember nothing being open on Sundays… everything was “shut down” and you spent time with families or took “drives around town”…

    I don’t agree with sports on Sundays… and around here most coaches don’t care…. But I agree with you… if your child is grounded in the Lord.. and has a good head on their shoulders I feel that playing sports on a Sunday every now and again is ok!!
    You’re doing GREAT mom!!!

  5. I have mixed feelings about this topic…first let me say that I have two 20 something dds both of which were sport enthusiasts. Because of where I was in my life…I didn’t really blink an eye about games on Sundays… I regret that to this day… I also have a 10 yr old and I will balk when she has games on Sundays… because I personally really need my church fix! lol… I also didn’t “make” my other two get confirmed because of sports… ugh… I won’t do that this time… So I will make all attempts to avoid Sunday games.. I won’t jeopardize her ability tho! Probably not making much sense!

  6. I’m with the other commenters…avoid sports on Sundays if possible, but don’t sweat it. The bulk of your children’s spiritual development should be happening at home throughout the week, not in that hour spent in a sanctuary. And clearly that IS happening in your home. 🙂

  7. I’m going to jump in here too. Now that my kids are in their 20’s, I can see how easy it is for them to make excuses NOT to go to church and I do not regret the decision to fit church in to their schedule every weekend when they were young. Even after prom, they got up and went to church, it just was not an option. Occasionally for a major sports event that could not be changed we compromised. But today there are churches with Saturday night services and lots of options. My daughter goes to church at 1230 on Sundays because that works for her.

    I understand the challenge of wanting our kids to have it all, but I think that more than anything, we want them to have to have Christ over everything else.

    For what its worth. . .

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