Works for Me Wednesday


This is the easiest dinner I know!  And Little Ceasers is NOT giving me any money to promote their cool deal I promise.  One night last week, things did not go as planned for dinner.    I noticed an ad for a new Little Ceasers that had recently opened nearby……… you can walk in, and immediately pick up a fresh pizza for a mere $5!!!  It’s a large pizza, you can even get it with one topping for the same price.  $5 for dinner, is that great or what!  I then cut up fruit, poured milk in paper cups, and served everything on paper plates.  This works for me and I have a feeling it will work for you too!  🙂

Here is a scientific equation to help you understand this on a deeper level

simple dinner + no dishes to clean up = happy mom



  1. What a great deal- I hadn’t heard of that one and it’s been years since I’ve been to Little Caesar’s. I may just have to treat the kids for a special lunch surprise one day. Shhhh… they will be shocked that we are getting take-out pizza for lunch and it’s not with Book It coupons.

  2. Oh man! We used to have a Little Caesars near us when we lived in a city…..but out here in the sticks, we are lucky that a Dominos opened across town, lol.

    I love the “Crazy Bread” from Little Caesars, do they still have that? I think I ate about 300 pounds of it when I was pregnant with my first son….which explains the XX amount of pounds that I gained…..(feel free to use your imagination on filling in the X’s)

    Enjoy that great price/deal!

  3. Yeah, those of us that live in the sticks are jealous! Seriously, that is a good deal. For my family, we’d have to have two of those pizzas, though.

  4. There’s a Little Caesar’s on the way home from my husband’s work. I am SERIOUSLY considering calling him and asking him to stop. Really! Even before I read your post!

  5. We have all lot of those kind of nights around here. Right now we are in the hottest of the hot season in Thailand hovering round 100 very humid with no air conditioning (except in the bedrooms), so being over a hot gas stove just ain’t happening!!! Street food is yummy and at 25 baht a plate (35baht/dollar). It just makes sense. Then there is no mess. And I like it better than my cooking anyway. I am sure the whole house hold agrees! (not known for great cooking skills and not planning to change because it gets me out of a lot of expectation 🙂 )

  6. Funny…my son’s birthday party was tonight and we hit Little Caesars. I left my house, picked up 3 pizzas and a side of breadsticks and was back home within 12 MINUTES! The whole way home I was thinking, “It doesn’t get any easier than this!”

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