Tired of the busy thing?

So, are you getting tired of me complaining about how busy I am these days?  Well if you aren’t, I’m tired of hearing myself complain!  This weekend was particularly crazy, 5 soccer games for The Inventor ( 4 were part of a tournament) and  4 baseball games for SportTman, plus NUMEROUS other commitments….my head was spinning!  And I do have this “problem,” I hate to miss any of my kids events.  People often say to me, just stay home from one of their games so you can get something done at home.  But I keep telling myself, they will only be at this stage of life once, and I want to be there to support them.  I can have clean floors, and a picked up family room in 5-7 years, but for now….let’s embrace their activities!  And as much as I complain, I do LOVE being part of all they do!  🙂
So with all this chaos around my this weekend, I think that is why the church service on Sunday just spoke to my heart!  The weird thing about it is, I am not sure what it is that ministered to me, the message was good, the worship inspiring.  But I think it was the warmth, care, and kindness of God’s people that really ministered to my weary heart.   Such a simple gesture, a friend putting their arm around me to say “how are you?”  Friends gathering to pray for one another, being with God’s people and seeing them pour out their hearts to God, it was ALL  such a refreshing break from the cares of this life.
Yes, God’s church is truly a refuge in the storm.
And as I was driving from church to a soccer game, I heard this song on the radio.  And my heart just melted as I reflected on God’s power, care and love. Yes, it is good to be a part of the family of God!

There truly is a peace I have come to know…………..

Chris Tomlin – “I Will Rise”


  1. Beautiful song Sandy! Such good reminders. Somedays I just get so caught up in the “junk” of the moment! Have a nice day!

  2. Yes, spring is always the busiest for us too. So many things and activities going on. Rest…but enjoy your kids too.
    I love that song. One of my faves for sure.

  3. What a bleesing to recieve the love of God through His people!!! May His strength flow mightily through you, as you support your kids. They will remember you were there for them!!!

  4. We just sang this song in church on Sunday and my hubby has the cd…we LOVE chris tomlin!!!
    Spring and the end of the school year is very busy for us too. Orchestra concerts, ballet shows, science nites, Spring banquet…..plus getting ready for our vacation!
    Saw your comment, tried to leave you one on FB but it disappeared for some reason: you asked about our last day of school. Here in the Albany area most of the schools get out on June 25. that is my last day and my 10 year old’s last day.
    My teenager has her last classes for 10th grade on June 11 and then she has 4 Regents exams, 1 district exam, 1 college exam in class (for her university Drawing course) and 1 performance test on violin. Each exam has an assigned time/day. Regents are done officially on June 26. Graduation is June 27 for Seniors…that is the day we leave for acadia in Maine!!

  5. Oh I love that song! God is so good to meet us right where we are and minister to us there. We have been very busy too. But I think it is going to slow down this week. I pray your schedule does too my friend!

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