Not much of a blogger lately

……..due to the fact that my brain is not functioning up to it’s normal capacity.

These are the kind of thoughts I am having lately

  • God is holy, but next would be my son’s baseball socks

  • I am wondering why I am suddenly craving Tastycake Tandy Cakes lately……haven’t eaten them for years, and now I have at least 2 a day

  • Why doesn’t anyone in my house put a new roll of toilet paper on the…..what do you call that thing…….you know that little plastic bar with a spring in it that holds TP in the holder… I told you things were bad!

  • Why can’t someone invent something to make laundry disappear

  • baseball…….baseball…, home runs, pitch counts, double plays

  • Does cereal count as a balanced meal?

  • How many days until school is out?

  • Why do weeds grow more on Memorial Day weekend when I am away?

So as you can see, not real profound thoughts lately!

I had a fun weekend, SportTman had a baseball tournament at the beach, and we celebrated The Inventor’s 12th birthday at the beach!  Here are a few random pics from the beach and baseball tournament.

Birthday Girl at the beach

birthday girl

5 crazy 14 year old boys heading into the frigid ocean at 8:30 at night, after playing baseball all day.

heading into the ocean

SportTman pitching

t pitching

The Inventor did a great job of running the electronic scoreboard, got to love a girl who knows balls, and strikes and is starting to understand the difference between a curve ball and a change up!

Madi keeping score

After 7 games over 3 days, his team were the champs of the tournament! 7-0!


This is what happens when you play baseball ALL weekend….you have to do your homework in the van on the ride home.

doing hw


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. At the beach with baseball. doesn’t get much better than that. My hubby would be in heaven if his girls ran the score board and could tell the difference between a curve ball and change up. That is awesome!
    glad to hear from you!

  2. My kind of weekend…well it use to be! I have to say I miss it after all the years of waiting for the my life now! lol Congrats tot he team! When we have holes in our socks someone invariably says “oh I see you have your church socks on” Have a nice day!

  3. I feel like this is the school year that will never end. Finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. . . One. More. Week!

    Hang in there yourself. Summer vacation’s a’comin’!

  4. We’ve been finished with school for several weeks now, yeah!!! However, I’m diligently learning algebra 2 over the summer to be propared to teach it to Fire starting in August…pray for me!!!! (actually, it’s going better than I expected)

    You have two awesome kids!!! You are blessed!!!!

  5. Sounds so busy yet a lot of fun too! I know that homework in the car pic all too well as we went through that with basketball in years past.

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