The $14.99 hairbrush

I pulled into a CVS the other day in between a baseball game and on the way to dropping off The Inventor at our church picnic.  The Inventor had just come from a swim party, and she had lost her hairbrush several weeks ago.  She had been using mine, and forgot to bring it for after the swim party.  I told her we could stop at CVS and get Gatorade for her brother and a hairbrush for her.  I was in a hurry, I made my purchases and was on my way. Then, AFTER The Inventor brushed her dripping, snarled, wet locks of hair, I thought to myself the total for the items I purchased seemed high.  While driving down the road, I quickly glanced at my receipt and realized we just bought a hairbrush for one penny shy of $15!!!  I thought the hairbrush was $5, but somehow in my hurry, I must have picked up the WRONG one!!

A $15 hairbrush!

The pricey hairbrush wonder promised faster drying time, and tourmaline that eliminates frizz.  Tourmaline according to Wikipedia, is a natural mineral.  So who thought to put tourmaline in a hairbrush, and who thought it would eliminate frizz??   After using my top dog brush for 3 hot, humid days, I can assure you tourmaline does nothing to  eliminate frizz!

So this  hairbrush escapade got me thinking about what women go through to stay looking good.  I spend extra money to buy a moisturizer that will also cut down on all those wrinkles, I buy lotion to get rid of the cellulite in my legs.  But, where do you stop, and do these products truly make a difference?  Can’t us women just age in peace!  So how about you ladies, how far to you go to look good???

Would you buy a $14.99 hairbrush with good ole tourmaline?  I tend to be more of a natural girl, and try to stay away from some of those products with such outrageous claims.  I figure if I exercise, try to eat well ( except for the 2 1/2 doughnuts I ate this morning to celebrate my last day of school!) take lots of vitamins and do what I can do to stay healthy.  That is the best I can do for my age! 🙂  And I am comfortable with that.

But I am also stuck with a fancy hairbrush that does nothing to make my hair look any better!

Your adornment must not be merely external–braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.”

1 Peter 3:3-4


  1. I attempt to eat healthy food on a “regular” basis (excluding, occasional junk food intact). As far as spending a lot of money, I don’t. The makeup I buy is inexpensive Covergirl base and eyeliner. I’ve been blessed to be given eye shadow and mascara. The only other thing I do is use the Walmart version of Oil of Olay night firming cream.

  2. Oh my… I would have cried! I don’t go very far to look good…some good lotion and sunscreen…ummm and occaisional waxing of facial stuff…that is about it!

    Today is the last day… I have to go in today for a couple hours just because…I am totally checked out…mentally and physically…we have a breakfast and some honoring of those being in the district for specific amounts of years…. and the retiress… and then buh bye for 2008=09 school year!

  3. I don’t do a lot either. I do use Mary Kay. But only the basics. I have just noticed my first gray hairs over the last year. And I am hoping to gray naturally. We’ll see how well that goes 😉

  4. You are like me. I do not go overboard on expensive items that make big promises and do nothing but steal my money. Nope. I love the dollar store and look high and low for the best deals with coupons. I am just lucky to have skin that isn’t sensitive so I can use cheap stuff. lOL
    Where is a picture of the 15.00 brush?

  5. NO hair brush works wonders. I only pay about $5.00 for one…have had the same one for years. I wash every pick and brush in the house once a month with a capful of shampoo.
    It all starts with a great hair cut. I have been known to spend as much as $85 on a good cut. Now I found a girl who only charges me $35 for a great cut plus color!
    I spend money on good make up. CLINIQUE….for my teen and my self. because I’m worth it. (oh wait…isn’t that a slogan for a different brand??! lol)
    seriously, I do buy good quality sunscreen…we are out so much in the spring, summer and early autumn. We also tend to spend alot on shampoo. I like high quality shampoo because it lasts longer and does a great job with color (paul mitchell or arbonne).

  6. Haha! I used to buy all sorts of shampoos and conditioners that were expensive thinking my hair would actually turn out like the models on TV – HA! Once I learned there really was no hope for my frizz, that .99 shampoo wasn’t so bad! 🙂

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