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M playing soccer

Do you have young kids just starting into the world of competitive sports?  Or are they already little sports lovers?

Since I have 2 sport playing kids I thought I would write about the benefits of playing sports.  I know there can be some negative connotations about competitive sports these days.  And let me assure you I have seen first hand some of the ugliness of pushy and competitive parents, kids with bad attitudes, etc. But in the big picture of it all……my kids have learned many life lessons and wonderful friendships through playing competitive sports.

Lessons learned in no particular order;

    1. The power of learning good time management skills.  My son tends to be a bit of a procrastinator.  And until middle school this really did not have any negative lasting effects.  But during his middle school years, he had to learn how to balance his time better.  Being on sports teams forced him to manage his time ( And this was much to mom’s relief).  He struggled a bit at the beginning but managed to make the highest honor roll all through his middle school years……..and I attribute it to him learning those critical time management skills from balancing sports schedules, and school!

    2. Kids learn how to work with other kids and be part of a team.  It’s all so similar to the biblical concept of being part of one body and all working together.  The same concepts apply to sports.

    3. Friendships are gained and bonded together through long weekend tournaments, fun team pool parties, practices and even a little goof off time.  When both of my kids started middle school where they have 4 different school coming together into one middle school,  the transition was easier since they knew so many more kids through their sports teams.  They have more diverse friendships and are not caught up in cliques as much.

    4. Fitness becomes a habit and hopefully a life long pursuit for them.  I played competitive sports as a kid and still enjoy being active due to the habit developed when I was young

    5. SportTman and The Inventor are very fit kids, so I don’t feel so guilty about letting them enjoy somegood ole junk food on occasion!  🙂

    6. I have heard this said many times, that playing sports keeps the kids out of trouble.  At first I thought that was silly, but I now see a great deal of truth to it.  Sports require a great deal of personal discipline and this carries over to their personal lives.  And personal self discipline is a great characteristic to develop!!  It also keeps them busy, that they don’t have time to just “hang out around town.”

    I am thankful for my kids interests in competitive sports, it’s been a busy ride, but a good one.

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    1. I totally agree with all you said. Both older dds played competitive sports…soccer, basketball, softball… volleyball and track…crazy times.

    2. Being an athletic directors wife…I would have written it the same way. There are so many awesome benefits to athletics and being part of a team. Great post.

    3. Great post! We have two little guys and the oldest will start in a team sport this fall….T-Ball for the first time. Can’t wait for him to experience all of this too!!

    4. I’m 19 and have been playing soccer since I was 4. I am so greatful my mom pushed me into playing sports when I was younger. I’m very responsible and driven because of it. Everyone should push their children to find a sport they love. It will change the way they live their lives forever.

    5. I think that competitive sports are good for youths it gives them time to have fun and learn a life lesson at the same time

    6. I am 13 and I love sports , I also played volley ball for 2 years and I love to be competitive but yet I am NOT a sore loser but I still like to WIN , I still give the other team a good job and a thumb up. love your competitive reasons and your experiments with the competitive sports for kids.

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