Friday Fave Five

If you could see me now I would be doing the happy summer dance!  As a teacher and a BUSY mom, summer is such a reprieve from the crazy storm of life.  This is the first week I have really started to chill out and enjoy the benefits of the summer break!

So for those of you who are wondering what a teacher does in the summer….here are some of my favs this week.

And for more Friday Fave Five, please stop by and visit Susanne at Living to tell the Story. Her blog always contains uplifting posts and a warm heart. 🙂

I was turning the whole family BLUE, by buying 10lbs of blueberries.   We ate them, I froze them,  we ate 24 blueberry muffins in less than 24 hours,  made blueberry sauce  to pour over ice cream and I made this lovely blueberry pie!  I know this picture is not a  glamor looking pie, the kind you see in cooking mags.  But how else should a homemade blueberry pie look!  It should look eaten and enjoyed, cuz that’s how blueberry pies should look in the summer!

blueberry pie

I also froze lots of blueberries for future consumption.  Please also note the the cool reminder a smart desperate mom stuck on the sink with masking tape for the summer.

blueberries to freeze

I  enjoyed taking The Inventor and a few friends to a nearby lake 2 days in a row.  It’s not a swimming lake, it’s a fishing kind of relaxing, peaceful kind of lake.   The Inventor was quite thrilled to do some fishin’ with a net!  It’s the best kind for a kid whose parents are clueless about fishin’  Regardless, my multi-talented kid caught 3 small fish with the net. I think she got that skill from me since I once owned a net when I was 6.  She was thrilled,  and the fish are now living in our creek.  Please don’t tell anyone from PETA.

M catching stuff at lake

m with net

checking out the fish

flowers at lakeI must also contrast the lovely picture above with this picture.

outhouse truck

While sitting in my comfy chair and reading at the lake.  I heard a strange noise behind me.  I turned to find the outhouse cleaning truck there.  Wow, after spending so much time in such wonderful facilities during baseball season I have always wondered……..well you know you have wondered it too…….how do they…..uh….how does the…….well you know what I mean.  And now we all know, that cool little pipe works like a giant vacuum and sucks the blue goo stuff right into the truck.  Where it goes from there, shall remain a great mystery!

Another Fav this week is some much needed Me time!  Here I am A-L-O-N-E in my house!  This never happens.  I was home for almost 2 glorious hours!  Ahhhhhh, it was nice, don’t I look happy!  Please note I took this glam shot of me pointing the camera at my face having no idea what I took.  Please also note, I wear no make-up most summer days, and you can tell in this picture….but who cares, I had 2 hours alone at home!!! 🙂


Another good thing is my handsome landscaper trimmed our bushes.  Our bushes in the front of the house were almost as tall as Shaq, they needed a serious trim.  So Drums went to work on ’em today, and they look so much better!

C trimming bushesI am thankful for such a nice, relaxing week. Summer does this mamma good!

Hope you are enjoying yours also!


  1. I an totally relate! This has been a good week for me too… I feel so hyper til the 4th! We don’t go back til Sept 8th..
    I love the blueberries…

  2. I can never get enough blueberries! Nice to have time to yourself in the summer, its not always easy with kids.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. I absolutely crave a few hours alone now and again, so I recognize that smile on your face. I’m wearing it myself today since I have the house to myself. 🙂 (Not that I’m not also happy when my kids are home! I am. But solitude is sweet…)

  4. Oh my goodness gracious….that blueberry pie looks awesome. My grandmother used to buy a huge vat of frozen strawberries and we’d spend all summer finding ways to eat them. The trips into town (and into the one grocery store’s walk-in freezer) to restock our supply of the strawberries was always welcome in the heat of summer, since the store graciously allowed her to store the container in their freezer. Thanks for the happy memories.

  5. Blueberries are in where I live, and I was just talking to my hubby about getting some.

    I totally know how you feel about being home alone. I love to be home alone, but it rarely ever happens for me …

    Great lake pictures, by the way. I had to smile at the portapotty one!

  6. I totally understand about the alone time! One of the few times I had any this summer, I was dismayed that I fell asleep in my chair and missed it!!

    You know, I’ve had blueberries in muffins and with cheesecake, but never that many of them all together in a pie. I’ll have to try one some time!

  7. Sounds like a great week…expecially alone time at home. What can be more blissful than that?!?! Oh and I think the blueberry pie looks absolutely delicious. Will you make me one too? Take care my friend! Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. WE love blueberries. Do you have a homemade blueberry muffin recipe or do you add them to a mix?
    How lucky for you to have 2 hours to yourself….whatever did you do besides snap a photo?

  9. Oh yeah, I love summer too! No getting up and going to school. We love our blueberries here too and I usually go to my friend’s ranch several times a year and get as many as my little freezer will hold.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. loved this!!!

    YEAH for alone time!!

    YEah for blueberries…..


    (altho i am teaching 9-2 every day in 2 weeks at our Music Summer camp at church!!)

    ENjoy the Sabbath!!

  11. Your blueberry pie looks just as it should – a few slices missing which means it was enjoyed by someone! I need to get some blueberries and do some baking – I think we must have passed three signs yesterday for pick your own.

    The fishing lake looks great and I had to chuckle at the little outhouse shot!

  12. Ahhh these were GREAT to read.. and I loved the little giggles I got with your stories!!! I know what teachers do in the summer…. I really do.. I met up with one in down town Boston… only 2.5 hours away from home!!! Ü

  13. Sorry I’m so late commenting on your fave five post. I seem to have somehow missed a few on the Mr. Linky. Don’t know how I did that but I’m glad I went back to double check.

    Alone time. Sigh. I haven’t had that for so long I can’t quite remember what I did when I did have them. LOL. So glad to hear you are enjoying yours. I really miss having summer’s off from when I used to work for the schools. It was so nice.

    Your pie is making my mouth water. I’m making a poppy seed blueberry cake today.

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