Help for kids who want to EAT ALL the time!

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Problem – There is help for all you moms out there who have kids who want to eat all the time!  Tired of “Mooooooooom, there is nothing to eat!”  Or “Mom, what can I eat, I’m starved? (even though they just ate 15 min. ago)

Solution – The infamous Snack Basket

snack basket

This has become an institution in my house.  Someday this raggedy old basket will be passed down to the next generation with fond memories of summer eating!

How it works – I started the snack basket when my kids were little after getting tired of hearing them say “what can I eat” all the time.  I told the kids anything in the snack basket can be eaten basically anytime.  Anytime you say????  How can that be……EASY…….just fill it with basically nutritious snacks.  If you start it early they will never realize this trick and by the time they are my kids age they will be so used to the snack basket they won’t complain.   It’s important that us moms stick together on our tricks, tactics and plans to get our kids to eat well.   But it’s also important that our battle plans for these things remain a secret.  Do not leave this page accidentally open on your computer where children may read of our secret operations.

And I must also confess, on occasion I stick some good ole junk food in the infamous snack basket, just to keep the trooops in line and happy!

The Snack Basket is something that really Works for Me!!!


  1. What a great idea!!! I am keeping 2 girls in addition to my 1 and someone is always hungry. I will have to try the snack bucket out!

    PS Thanks for coming by to see my blog!

  2. Great idea as usual my friend! I do a similar thing with a drawer bc I have the cabinet space. But I do have a friend that has a basket. You are right, we moms definitely have to stick together 😉

  3. I do the same thing!!!!! Only mine is a rubbermaid container that I keep on a shelf in a cupboard with other snack foods….it really helps I”ll tell ya!

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