Fresh Air Fund Fun

I haven’t been around blogging as much since our Fresh Air Fund young man The Questinator arrived at our house for his 7th summer!  If you are not aware of the Fresh Air Fund, it’s a program that takes children away from their NYC/Bronx/Brooklyn homes for 14 days to spend the summer in the country.  It has been a great experience for our family, and for The Questionator.  It’s amazing to see him grow each summer, when he first arrived at our house 7 years ago he had a big head of hair, and was so afraid of the wild lions( squirrels and an occasional raccoon) that lived in the jungle ( woods) behind our house.

He didn’t like the bugs, he couldn’t ride a bike, he had never gone barefoot, never shot a basketball or played mini-golf or eaten fresh watermelon or corn on the cob.  He had never gone to the beach for the day, camped in a tent,  shot a BB gun, or climbed a tree.  He also never prayed regularly or attended church.

Well as you can imagine, we have worked to change so much of this over the years!

And this summer was no exception.  He got to sleep under the stars in the the Catskill Mtns of NY.  He literally laid out  on the deck of my brother’s place, and he and everyone else slept out under the stars for the night.  As soon as he got back to NY he set up a Facebook account, and I noticed that he listed” looking at the stars” as one of his favorite activities. That just warmed my heart. 🙂

Here is the aftermath of the late night star gazing.

sleeping on the deck

The Questionator also loved jumping in and swimming in the pond on my brother’ s property.  When he first came 7 years ago he would have been so fearful of swimming in a pond with living things.  But over the years, that fear has subsided, and he was quite content to spend hours in the pond!

jumping in pond I and T

He really enjoyed trying out something that he has NEVER done in the Bronx before!  And SportTman was happy to let him take over part of his job!

mowing the lawn

He also loved being part of our neighborhood gang and having an airsoft gun war with all of them.  He just can’t walk outside and play, so simple things like walking out our front door to a yard means a great deal to him.

airsoft battle

He enjoyed a trip to Dairy Queen and a round of mini-golf.  His shot even got better as the game went on.

mini golf

This young man is truly part of our family, and once again we had a great visit with him. We have also seen spiritual growth with him.  When he and SportTman were little Drums or I would pray with them each night before bed.  This time we noticed they prayed on their own before bed, and The Questionator initiated it! I would secretly sit on the steps and listen to the 2 of them pray……so endearing!

We are thankful for the Fresh Air Fund and bringing The infamous Questionator to our house each summer!

whole family


  1. That is an awesome opportunity for your family and the questionator. I am sure you are all blessed to have met each other. I would love to do something like this…Sounds fun!

  2. what a great program! There are so many things we take for granted! So cool for your kids to be able to see the other side of things, too!

    How many more days of summer for you? I have one week left!

  3. What a wonderful opportunity! Oh how I wish I knew about this program before – I would have loved to do this. But, alas, out of the “country” we go (if the house sells, that is).

  4. The Fresh Air program is awesome! How wonderful to connect in such a way as to change a life.

    I have to ask, did you go to the Village Greens?? It has been years since I went there. But I would love to take my kids when we’re out for vacation some time.


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