Dear Summer,

To my dear friend Summer,

Where are you going?  I can’t seem to find you with all the Back to School sales, and the starting of several schools in town, I have lost sight of you!  I just want to let you know I really appreciate you!  You have been good to me.  You bring a calming spirit and peace to my crazy household filled with chaos.  I enjoy visiting you on my deck, I see you when sleep in a bit, I love the fresh watermelon and corn on the cob you bring, I enjoy the time you provide to visit with friends and vacation with family.

I just wanted to let you know you will be missed!  Can you please just spend a few more days with me!

Thank you!

Your BFF for life,


canoe pic


Thanks for all the kind words.  But as you know all good things must come to an end!  I’m glad you enjoyed having me around, I was afraid you would be ticked at me for all the steamy, hot, disgusting, humid days I sent your way lately.  So I am flattered to hear you still speak so highly of me!

I want to introduced you to my friend Fall.  He wanted to remind you of a few things I think you will enjoy; apple cider, those delicious pumpkin cookies, crispy, cool evenings, fallen leaves, football, cozy sweatshirts and jeans and the beauty of the turning leaves in the woods behind your house.  Now doesn’t that give you something to look forward to?

Before you know it I will be back, I come back the same time every year, and I will be around the rest of the week.

Your friend,



  1. Oh Sandy…how true! I needed this today! I have to go have my physical and then…off to work…I volunteered to mentor a new teacher and we have our first meeting today!

    I am starving…I had to fast for my physical…goodness..I guess it is good training to end the grazing I have done all summer!

    Have a good day!

  2. You are a genius! loved those letters. I love fall so much! It is my favorite time of the year. This one should be super busy with soccer! Yee Haw! I think I might be asking you for advice about juggling it all…because you are the queen sports mom.
    Enjoy your last week of summer vacation and all that Fall brings.

  3. Oh, I love this and needed to hear it. I’m missing summer, but I do appreciate fall, too. I’ll retweet this around my neck of the woods. Thanks!

  4. This was great! and really it IS still summer until Sept 21 by the calendar! 🙂
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE autumn tho….love the hiking in the ADKS then. I went with my new friend to the Wilcox lake area…it was AWESOME yesterday….this week is prepping for our last summer trip to the beach house on the cape altho wed a.m. i have to be at the school for a staff mtg…but..i’m leaving at noon and I get paid for the a.m. so….i can handle that!
    enjoy the last days of summer 🙂

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