Friday Fave Five


It’s Friday again, and time to reflect on this past week.  It’s been busy, but exciting around my house this week!

We started last week with our house looking like this

start of house

And like this

start of house #2

And we started this Monday doing this

M and I painting

After lots of sweat, and hard work, our house looked like this on Tues.

finished total house

after garage door

So our new exterior on our house is one of my biggest favs of the week.  And I must tell you, it was compliments of a hailstorm/tornado that bombarded our house back in March.  We desperately needed a new roof, and God sent a hailstorm to help us pay for it. 🙂

Another Fave was The Inventor running her very first cross country race.  Her first race ever had 154 7th and 8th grade girls lined up on the starting line.  And as a 7th grader, she finished 11th!  She was the first girl for our school district.  And let it be known, I cried when I saw her finish so well in her first race.  For those of you who don’t know, I also used to be a runner.  So it just touched my heart to see her do so well!

1st CC meet!

Ok, Ok here is a true confession, I have been a blogger for over 2 years now and I FINALLY set up Google Reader so I can quickly and easily read all my favs.  So look for me to be a better blogging friend in the next week or two.  Google reader is so easy…why didin’t I do it sooner! 🙂

I loved riding bike into my town and to the school I teach at.  SportTman and I rode into town.  It was a great workout, and of course we did what every smart mom does with her 14 year old son after she just rode 5-6 miles, we stopped at my favorite coffee place for a doughnut!!

School starts next week, and I am so thankful for a fun, and relaxing summer!

How was your week dear friends?

For more favorites, please visit Susanne!


  1. I got the shivers reading about you dd running so well! That is awesome! Your house looks great! We started back this week with meetings up the backside… and the kids start on Tuesday! I am kinda excited…shhhhhh

  2. Ohhhhhh your house looks beautiful! That God! Isn’t He just AMAZING! Who’da thunk you’d ever be THANKFUL for a hail storm! But yup! That’s the way He works! I love it! And congrats to your daughter! That is just wonderful for her! You’ve had a GREAT week! Now I’m thinking my garage doors need a new coat of paint…

  3. Your house looks terrific! I love the white with dark trim.

    Congratulations to your daughter – it must be sweet for you to watch with all your own memories.

    Google reader is great – I’ve been using it for awhile and it makes blog reading so efficient.

    Have a great holiday weekend!

  4. The house looks great and congrats to your daughter for coming in 11th. that is great.
    I haven’t tried google reader – maybe I should.

    Great list. Happy weekend.

  5. Wow…your house is gorgeous. Great job! God always provides doesn’t He? Even in the storms He brings good.
    Coffee and donut after a bike ride is my kind of treat:)
    Still haven’t done google reader. Maybe I should try.
    Have a great weekend. Now that it is finally upon us, I can’t believe that school starts on Tuesday.

  6. Google reader is great! I love it.

    Your house looks good, I bet its nice to have that done. Good job on all the bike riding, we all need to look for ways to stay healthy like that.

  7. How exciting for your daughter. Congratulations to her. And to you for passing on the running genes. ;v)

    Your house looks wonderful. I’ll bet you’re glad that is done.

  8. Your house looks great!

    11th in a field of 154 is pretty awesome! Congrats to your daughter.

    I’m happy for you that you had such a great summer!

  9. Well our week ends with boys back to school. Both played well in their first football scrimmage of the season! They both played the entire game Pat varsity as junior and Dan freshman ball. Woke this morning to no water in the house. Resourceful as we are we went into camping mode, used a quick dip in the pool for our morning shower and were all off for our last day of work and school for the week. Hoping that we have water soon or I’ll be camping all weekend in the comfort of my own home!

  10. Your house looks so nice–and all that work in a week. Wow.

    You will absolutely love Google Reader. Congratulations on setting it up!

    I think your family likes doughnuts as much as mine. Couldn’t make it without my Krispy Kreme fix from time to time.

  11. Congratulations to your daughter for running so well! I know you’re so very proud of her! I love your bike ride, all of it, including the doughnuts. Your house looks so clean and tidy–it’s such a good feeling!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. awww. you have the American dream home. The exact home I dreamed of having when I grew up. Very similar to the one we had in NC, the one I have been missing, of course, it is only enhanced by the fact that I must move again! I just love these cement boxes with barred windows and outdoor kitchens that Thailand offers. 🙂 ….you have a very beautiful home!!! 🙂

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