Friday Fave Five

It is a fun time of year, we are enjoying the joy of the Christmas season.

So my faves this week revolve around Christmas.

We had an early season snow fall this week.  It was beautiful, it was the kind of snow that sticks to the trees and creates a beautiful winter wonderland!  As a result, The Inventor and a friend created 2 snowmen in our yard, one named Jose and the other one Josefina. Let me introduce you to Jose……

I had a migraine on Sunday and it lingered into Monday.  I ended up taking a sick day from school on Monday.  I was really in a brain fog Monday, but I must admit, even during my brain fog, I really enjoyed the PEACE and quietness of my home.  It so rarely happens that I am home alone!

These simple angel Christmas decorations.  The two smaller angels were purchased from my grandparents hardware store.  The one angel still has the name of the hardware store, Fairmount Centre Hardware, plastered on the bottom, the original sales tag.  The store has long been gone from the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, but it’s name lives on each Christmas in my house.

I love this picture from The Inventor’s Christmas cookie party.  It may not look like anything special, but I LOVE how there are 7 girls all working together, to make an array of cookies!

It’s so simple, its snow and I love it!

For more Friday Fave Five please visit snowbound Susanne!

Please leave a comment this week!  I promise to visit all the bloggers who leave a comment.  I have been such a bad as a blogger friend, I need to get out and visit everyone! 🙂


  1. I do not like snow. Ok, I like snow I do not like it on the roads. Do you think we could pray it to fall off the streets only? 🙂 I hate driving in it.
    Sorry you had a migraine I hope that you are feeling completely better & have a great weekend. I may have to start that cookie tradition with my girls…how fun.

  2. love your list. I really like your angels…so precious!

    And wow…those pics of the cookies are making me wanna bake more this weekend!! ENJOY the snow… for me…I am counting the months until I can put those hiking boots back on my feet! lol

  3. My daughter has started getting migraines (we think) so I feel for you. Not a good thing! I love your angel decorations. Very pretty.

    Wish you could lend us some of that snow. We got an inch last weekend–we’re calling it the Blizzard of ’09! Have a great weekend.

  4. Hello from Romania ,
    please read the blog – My heart His words – at Humbled and convicted , my friend Tammy Nischan wrote them the story and some pictures of some poors what we try to help them for Christmas .Our LORD will be so proud of us if we will do something!
    I love you blog

  5. We were out enjoying the snow today too! It was actually very nice outside and the snow had that perfect quality for building.

    Very nice angels. So precious to have ones from your grandparents store that is no longer around. A definite keepsake.

    A cookie party. What a fun thing to do!

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