Friday Fave Five

I can’t believe a week has gone by and I have not posted at all.  It has just been that busy around here.  I have several blog post going through my mind and will work to update more next week.  And  get out and read more of your wonderful blogs! 🙂

Some favorites this week include;

I took a bunch of The Inventors friends ice skating last Sunday afternoon.  We went to a nice outdoor rink.  We had a blast.  I used to ice skate for hours when I was a kid on the pond behind my house.  So ice skating is ALWAYS a favorite of mine!  Actually if the truth be told, I will let you in on a little secret…… time I actually skipped school to go ice skating at a nearby lake with a bunch of friends!  We hid our skates in a big old evergreen tree near school, and left after 2nd per. 🙂  Ah memories!

I just love to eat clementines.  So easy to peel, so good for you, and so delicious!

Ping Pong is another favorite.  I am horrible at it, but we got a ping pong table for Christmas and it has become such a family favorite!!  SportTman and Drums have such fun, loud, competitions, and I enjoy learning to play and being silly with my kids while playing.  Trust me the old” learn to laugh at yourself” rule applies to my ping pong playing! 🙂

The news from Haiti has been horrible, but I have appreciated this blogging family’s insight.  They are missionaries to this devastated country and their insight has been personable, moving, and insightful. Their website also gives such thought into how we can pray for the Haitian people.

And last but not least, I made chocolate chip cookies the other day, not because  I wanted the cookies………but I craved cookie dough!  Yes I did make some cookies also, but the dough was great.  And that was Wed. so I have not died of salmonello! 🙂  Cookie dough, you just can’t go wrong with that one! 🙂

How was your week friends?!  We have off school Monday, so I am looking forward to reading your post this weekend!

For more Friday Favorites visit Susanne!


  1. Sandy… I just SO love reading your 5’s each week! YOU need a week like Willow had! I’m not sure you’re ready for it yet though — you’re still having too much fun! You brought me some GREAT memories of my own today too! We got a ping pong table when my boys joined the ping pong CLUB at school. Our Postmaster ran it, and to this day he still asks about my boys every time I go to the Post Office! *s* Small town life! But anyway – we had some of those great family tournaments too! And I am pitiful! But my BOYS won TROPHIES in Ping Pong!!! My boys were so competitive… TOO much! But they excelled at every sport they played…

    AND… I, too, had a pond I ice skated on in my youth! I don’t think I could even STAND on ice skates today… but I have great memories! And you brought them to mind! Thanks!

    Oh! And one more! My eldest son just LOVES chocolate chip cookie dough! When he was turning 14 I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he said “Mama, I don’t want a cake! I just want a BIG OL’ BOWL of chocolate chip cookie dough! JUST for ME!” LOL! He got it! I made a cake for the rest of the family! Do you know he didn’t share ONE BITE of that dough! Not ONE! ROFLMBO!

    I made the mistake of buying BIG oranges this week… I am missing my clementines…

    Happy Weekend Sandy!!! Enjoy it! Oh! It’s a LONG one!

  2. I have always wanted a ping pong table! I love that game. I used to be on the high school team, not that I was that great, they let pretty much anyone on the team. LOL. Enjoy that table!

    Ice Skating was one of my winter activities too. Loved it and I was at the rink at least 3 times a week. Mind you that might have had something to do with the cute “rink rat” that was on shift there. LOL.

    Enjoyed your five. And enjoy that extra day off!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the missionary family link. I’m sharing it in turn on my site to hopefully reach other readers. I’m sure you and I aren’t alone in feeling so helpless.

    Having specific things to pray for helps.

    Oh, and we have a ping pong table too, so I know all about those wild games!

  4. The clementines and oranges are particularly delicious at this time of year and I am enjoying them frequently as well.

    Cute little story about ice skating 🙂

  5. Clementines are the favorite fruit in our family. We had never had one until we moved to Morocco in the winter one year. Oh my….they were heavenly. When we returned to the States and discovered that they appeared in the grocery stores this time of year, we couldn’t believe our good fortune.

  6. I like Clementines, but during November & December it’s Satsuma tangerines I love best. I have just a few left in the fridge … then will have to wait until next winter. Ping Pong brings back memories of my younger days … we had lots of family fun with that! Hmmm … I see I’m logged in with my WordPress ID but my FAVS are on my Small Reflections blog. Hope the link works 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. I love clementines too! in fact I persuaded my teen to eat more and now instead of grabbing nutella or some other chocolate delight after school she grabs a clementine!!

    Love your faves….I skipped school once but not to go ice skating…to play tennis with a boy. don’t tell my kids.

  8. Our lake froze last week, and I thought about how fun it would be to ice skate on it. But I can’t imagine actually doing it! What a nice childhood memory you have.

    I used to love eating cookie dough, too. But I’m not as brave as you are to risk salmonella. Ha. Glad you survived it.

  9. MMmmmm…clementines! I agree on that!

    I’m praying for Haiti along with you. My son has been there on a mission trip and his heart is hurting for the kids he helped there. Thanks for the missionary post.

  10. It’s been a long while since I skated – I was really good when I was young. I won the gold medal for our province for racing when I was 13. But I haven’t been for years. I’ll have to get the old skates dusted off and head out.

    I’m adding clementines to the grocery list – thanks for the reminder!

    Now off to the missionary’s blog

    Have a great weekend Sandy!

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