Friday Fave Five

I really enjoy posting my Friday Fave Five each week.  It  keeps my thinking positive, and focused on those little things or even bigger things that bring a bit of joy my way each week.

As for this week, there were several Faves!

I love this CHEAP, yet great smelling body wash.  How could something so cheap smell so good.

I made these yummy homemade (not from a box!) brownies this week.  Here is a pic of the batter, cuz sometimes the batter is just as good as the brownie!  Please take note of the 2 spoons next to the brownies!  🙂  Yep, I used those to test the batter, ah, to ah, test to make sure I had included all the ingredients.  Someone had to do it! 🙂  And as you can see, when I make brownies I make them for the nut lovers and the non-nut lovers in my house. 🙂

My son, SportTman ( so true to his name) got moved up to play some Varsity basketball this week.  The kid was so excited to play with the “da big boys!”  He even ended up scoring 4 pts and got in the game for 4-5 min.  Pretty impressive for a ninth grader.  The guys on the team were so kind to him, when he made his first point of his “varsity career” they all stood up and cheered for him.  (He is the one in the white uniform)

I downloaded Toby Mac’s new song “City on it’s Knees” to my iPod this week.  It’s a great song, I listened to it at least 4 times in a row on my power walk on Tues. 🙂

It’s Friday and the kids and I are heading to our fav coffee and bagel shop for a quick breakfast this morning.  Love the place, and it helps get Friday morning started right! 🙂

For more Friday Fave Five visit Susanne!

Stay Warm dear friends, it’s a cold one here!


  1. My first text message of the day today was from my eldest daughter saying “It’s FRIDAY! I am so HAPPY it FRIDAY!” I thought maybe she had something special going on this weekend – but no – she was just being thankful for FRIDAY! I remember those days!

    I gotta get that Toby Mac song!

    You know… I love a LOT of Suave products! It just goes to show that quality CAN be made cheap! And the makers of Suave probably make 3 times as much money as the L’oreals and Revlons of the world!

    CONGRATULATIONS to SportTman!!! THAT is a HUGE accomplishment – playing varsity in 9th grade! WOW! And scoring! You must have been SO excited too!

  2. I love suave products! I’ll have to try this one. Good for your son! He must be talented. I hope he enjoyed every minute of it and I’m sure there will be many more to come! Have a great week!

  3. Hey, send my congratulations to your son! That really is exciting-to be a ninth grader and playing varsity!

    I am with you on the ah, testing the brownies or cookie dough and taking the hit for the fam. It’s my sacrifice for them! When they grew up and left home, they were amazed that their choc chip cookie recipe made so many more cookies than mine did!

  4. I’m quite sure your family appreciated the sacrifice you made in taste testing those brownies — kind of a quality testing, hmm? You’re right. Someone has to do it.

    They look delicious! =)

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Now that is a great way to start a Friday!

    Love the basketball pic and congrats to SporTman. That is awesome.

    How brave of you to test those brownies. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it and good for you for taking that on! :vD

  6. What a great way to start a Friday morning, by going out for coffee and bagels. I like the way you did those brownies, I’ll have to try that for my house too.

  7. I just went up on Amazon and listened to that Tobymac song and you are so right. It’s great. I had to get it for my iPhone. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Have a great weekend.

  8. Congrats to your son! Love it when our boys experience victory.

    I like your Friday morning breakfast with the kids idea. Making memories!

    Happy weekend.

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