Friday Fave Five

Hello Friday Fave Five Friends! 🙂

Favorites this week include;

A trip to the dentist.  I know what you are thinking, a trip to the dentist is a favorite???   But it is, since my dentist and his staff are the greatest.  It’s a warm and friendly Christian practice.   Their care, concern and conversation makes such a dreadful appointment so much more tolerable.

This one also doesn’t sound like a fav…..SportTman injured his knee at basketball practice on Monday night.  It’s somewhat of a serious injury, he is going for an MRI.  But one of my faves about the whole ordeal is the local Orthopedic Dr. that we went to see, is a big fan of our high school’s basketball team.  So he was quite willing to see SportTman and even saw him briefly in the trainers room during a game on Tues. night.  He has been very helpful in getting my boy seen right away.

Cereal, it’s been a busy, and hectic week and we actually had cereal for dinner the one night! 🙂  No crock pot, no fancy homemade soups, no yummy chicken dinners……..just good ole cereal.  I was a happy and content mom that night.

This is another weird one, but it’s just been that kind of week.  I always go to the grocery store Friday after school.  Been doing it that way for years.  They are calling for large amounts of snow to start in my neck of the woods tomorrow afternoon, so I decided to get my weekly shopping done Thurs. night.  I went to a smaller grocery store, literally 3 min. from my house.  There were no crowds, no lines, and my shopping experience was actually somewhat relaxing.    The only problem is they have smaller carts at this store, and I needed more room after I filled it with my usual 6 gallons of milk!  🙂

And lastly, we had a 2 hour delay on Wed.  I LOVED it!  So relaxing for me.  And I must give a blog shout out to my dear bloggy friend Faith who has had NO school delays or much snow this year!!  And she lives North of me.  Praying for snow for you Faith! 🙂 Go visit her and send her lots of snowy wishes.

No pictures in my post this week… boring……but like I said, it’s been that kind of week!

Here’s to a snowy weekend and homemade soup.

For more Friday Faves, please visit Susanne in cold, snowy Canada!  Also check out her blog to see what  a hoar frost is, and it’s beautiful !!! 🙂


  1. Ohhhhhh boy! Well, if your friend Faith can avoid snow this time, more power to her! WE are for a TON of it! Oh, and by the way — you asked me one time where I live in Maryland — right now I am in Calvert county – all the way to the south! But I grew up in Gaithersburg! I’m quite familiar with your old stomping grounds!

    I’m so sorry to hear SportTman is injured! Sending prayers for an uncomplicated healing! Sounds like he’s already been blessed with a good doctor!

    I served Banana Splits for dinner one time … and my daughter never let me forget what a terrible mother I was! I can’t imagine what I’d have heard if I had the gall to serve cereal! Personally, IIIIIIII think cereal is a GREAT dinner! Sometimes I crave it, but Hubby doesn’t eat it, so I have to cook dinner… *sigh*

    Our schools are closing early today for the blizzard. I hope they don’t end up wishing they had closed the whole day! But a 2 hour early dismissal is nowhere NEAR as nice as a 2 hour delay! I used to love them too! Actually… I still do! Now they mean I get to see my granddaughter for a couple of hours in the mornings!

    Have a great weekend Sandy! Stay warm!

  2. Hugs to SportTman…knee injuries and basketball…ack! I hope he can see more time this year! I love cereal for dinner…or pancakes… I hope you don’t get to inconvenienced by the snow… Have a great weekend!

  3. So sorry about the injury! I hope everything heals up nicely so he can get back to it! We’ve had so much snow and ice this year in Oklahoma. I can’t believe your friend hasn’t had any snow days! They are so fun! Have a great week!

  4. Well hopefully your weekend will be a little bit calmer.

    I have to say that I would never have anticipating putting the dentist on any kind of positive list – Friday or otherwise. ;D Sounds like you have a great dentist!

  5. Glad you like trips to the dentist. 🙂 I actually love my dentist too—a long-time family friend and Christian brother. We take the blessings wherever we can find them, right?

  6. That is why I don’t mind taking my kids to the Doctors..she is a Christian. wE love her.
    2 hour delay is so nice.
    I buy 3 gallons of milk and soon will be 4…I know when my kids grow a little more I will by buying 6 too. Wow! Hard to believe.
    If you get a chance to stop by, I am having a giveaway at my blog & the 5 moms blog today.

  7. hey friend! ok um…when I said I wanted some snow I only mean like maybe 6 inches at like 4 a.m. so that schools will close 🙂 now watch…we’ll get a ton and everyone around me here will be mad at me…lol….thanks for the shout-out tho 🙂

    loved reading all about your week. I need to find me a grocery store like the one you speak of!!


  8. Wow, six gallons of milk, that is a lot!

    I’m glad you like going to the dentist, its hard for me no matter how much I like the person.

    Cereal for dinner sounds yummy to me sometimes. We love cereal in our house. 🙂

  9. Your milk purchase sounds about like ours.

    Sorry to hear that SporTman was hurt. Sounds like he is good hands though. It’s nice to have someone look out for one’s child like that.

    Sometimes cereal for dinner is just the way to go.

  10. Sounds like a great week to me!

    Having good doctors and dentist IS a blessing. I have four sons, and having a friend whose husband is an orthopedic surgeon has been a real blessing. (I have him on speed dial.)

    Hope SporTman is better. (and I love cereal for dinner…)
    Happy weekend!

  11. I know what you mean about dentists — a good dentist and staff can make such a difference.

    I’m sorry SporTman was injured but glad he has a good doctor.

    I think I may have had cereal for dinner a time or two when the kids were younger. 🙂 It doesn’t stay with me well enough to have for breakfast, but I sometimes have it as an evening snack.

    I like 2-hour delays, too — we had one of those last week due to ice.

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