Snow Days and Being a Working Mom

I am a working mom.  There are times, I wish that I did not have to work!   I stayed home with the kids for 5 years, and I am so thankful for that time.  But now with a 15 year old and soon to be 13 year old, I am working.  At times it’s HARD, I get tired working all day, come home to LOTS of activities, dinner, laundry, etc.  I feel bad that sometimes I just don’t have the emotional energy to “be there” for my kids.

However, I have found little tricks (like a 10 min power nap, and regular exercise, and an occasional pick me up stop at a dear little bakery that happens to be right on the way home from school) that seem to help.  BUT, as a working mom, I can not even begin to tell you how thankful I am for my job.   I am a special ed teacher, I teach at the same school SportTman attends, Drums also teaches there.  And in 2 years, The Inventor will also attend “our high school.”  Being all together, just makes this working thing so much easier.  The Inventor walks down to the high school each day after school, SportTman comes to my classroom and we all drive home TOGETHER.

I see SportTman many times through out the day, I see him with his friends in the hallway, and at lunch. How many moms get to be in their kids HS all day?

So even though there are times when I get so frustrated with having to work,  I love teaching at the same school my kids attend!

I also LOVE having  snow days off together!!!  We are working on day 2 of being off of school due to a blizzard.

Yes I did use the “B” word, and yes it was an impressive blizzard!

So we have all been home together, having fun, watching movies, eating homemade chocolate chip cookies and playing in the snow!  It’s nice to have a job where I can be OFF with the kids and don’t have to worry about getting to work on the days schools are closed.

So even though there are THOSE moments when I just want to quit my job, in the big picture I am thankful for my job.

And I can’t resist posting lots of those crazy snow pictures! 🙂

SportTman in his fort, in the midst of the blizzard!

Digging out!

Making snow angels!

In the fort with SportTman


  1. oh wow! sandy, you have so much snow!!!!!!

    and we have grass. and sun. but bitter cold winds. I’d rather have the snow I think at this point!

    I can relate to the working mom part. Did I ever tell you I worked full time as a special ed teacher for prek emotionally disturbed children, ages 3-6 for 9 years and the last year was when my oldest was 12months old. I quit working when she turned 2 and was home full time until she was in kindergarten at which time I went back to just teaching 2 days a week as a parenting counselor.
    I am still only part time although the school district pays me as a 60% full time teacher assistant. If I wanted full time I’d have to run my own class…and i am not ready….like you said….it takes so much emotional energy to do it all. It is HARD! GOD BLESS YOU! you are teaching an age group that I struggle with somewhat….I don’t mind volunteering with the teens at church but I just can’t handle the special needs teens. I still love my 5-6 year olds and am thanking God that I can be home by 1 pm yet still have a hand in the field. Thanks for posting on this….you are amazing!!

  2. Sandy,
    I can relate to your blog today. I am also a special education teacher (middle school) and a mom of two but mine are 5 and 3. I also understand about being too tired. It is so great to read about a woman in another part of the country that is going through similar things that I am.
    I love the snow pictures. Thank you for the time that you commit to putting this blog out.

  3. Holy Cow! That is a LOT of snow!!! Hearing my parents talk about it on the phone doesn’t do it justice at all! My kids will be so jealous when I show them your pictures. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing them.

    Oh, and what a treat to teach at their school! Somehow, though, I think my boys would rather die a thousand deaths than have me to teach at their school! Lol!

  4. Oh wow! That’s alot of snow! We homeschool and I don’t usually let mine off for snow days. But I did Friday and I’m so glad I did. We had a great time at a friend’s house. Sometimes we just need those days!

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