Gone Fishin’

Fishing season around here is quite popular.  I always thought fishing was a dumb sport, never sure how it qualified as a “sport” in the first place.

You sit in a comfy chair, throw some string in the water and WAIT.  Not too tough!

Then this weekend it hit me!!!  As I drove by a stream and noticed mostly men out fishing.


Think about it ladies………

You sit in a comfy chair

Work on your tan

Chat with friends

Throw some string in the water for awhile and just let it sit there

And you get to sit more and WAIT.

Just sit and WAIT.  Chat with friends some more….maybe bring a little coffee along

Sit and chat some more, wait

Work on the tan

Drink some coffee

OMGosh I have been so foolish for missing this opportunity for so long!

Do you hear me ladies, this is our opportunity for fellowship a  chance to get out of the house.  Don’t people fish for hours!?

Fishing is suddenly looking so much more appealing to me.

Who knows I may leave behind the laundry, cooking and yard work next weekend and Go Fishing!

Won’t you join me! 🙂


  1. I love to go fishing with my husband, but there are times it is a lot of work. He isn’t content with just the process of fishing, he is there to catch fish and stock the freezer. I would like you to check out this post on my photo blog. He caught 112 fish on his last trip! Fortunately he and my brother-in-law did all the cleaning!

    I think I like your version of fishing better than his!


  2. lol…yeah…but this time of year here in NY we have to contend with black flies….ICK! but the coffee and working on my tan part I LOVE!!!!! I have some Paris pics up on FB and the blog so feel free to browse!

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