Friday Fave Five

I missed all the fun last week, so I am eager to jump in on my Friday Fave Five for this week.

This week favorites included;

Yard Sales, Yes, spring and yard sales just go together.  The Inventor and I went out early  Sat. morning for yard sale bargains, fun, adventure and a stop at our fav coffee/bagel shop when we are done. I got a nice dish set, that I really needed for $4!

The Inventor is enduring her first year of track.  She has had numerous injuries and set backs, but FINALLY got to run 2 races this past week and was healthy for both of them! 🙂

Also SportTman has had a lot of success on the mound for his team this year.  I just love watching him play baseball. Even if I am freezing and have to pee!!!  I wouldn’t trade it!

With the arrival of spring, my classroom set up our own greenhouse.  We planted a ton of seeds last week and it has brought a lot of excitement to my classroom to watch the seeds start to sprout!

Whoppie Pies!  Do you know what these delicious little treasures are?  They are not a pie, but a cookie.  Oh I and love them! I have been doing extra time at the gym lately just so I can devour a few of these gems this week!!!!

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  1. Watching our kids in their chosen activities is such a joy! Enjoy! I am excited for Lydia to get Junior High to watch it all again!

    A greenhouse?? so fun! I think Whoopie Pies are regional…I have heard of them but have never seen or eaten them.

  2. Ooh my…those little pies/cookies look delicious. And if you are enjoying all of those salads, then a splurge on those things seems like…a good idea. ;D

    I cannot WAIT for yard sale season around here! We’re still about a month out but it’s lots of fun.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. LOL! Whoppie Pies???! Oh myyyyyyy! They LOOK dangerous!

    When you say the Inventor is “enduring” her first year of track… does that mean there might not BE a 2nd year of track? EnJOY is such a better word than enDURE! 🙂

    I used to absolutely LOVE to watch my boys play baseball! I had a pitcher and a short stop and MAAAAAAAAN I loved baseball! I sO wish one of my MEN would play softball now! I really MISS it!

    I sO hope that your classroom greenhouse gives you better results than my kitchen greenhouse gave me. Half of what I planted sprouted … but NOTHING made it to the garden! However, I planted radish seeds outdoors when it got warm enough and THEY are doing very well now! 🙂

    I missed last weeks FFF too — it’s great to be back!!!

  4. I loved watching my kids play their various sports. And I can totally relate to “even if it’s freezing and you have to pee”. LOL. My girl played rugby and it is c-o-l-d sometimes and here it can be very windy.

    Those cookies look good. I’ve never had them.

  5. You sound like my husband and daughter…they both love yard sales so much. You are such a great mom to be so involved AND excited about your kids’ sports. The greenhouse experiments sound like a lot of fun. Oh my, those whoppie pies look delicious!

    I laughed at your tweet this morning about not sleeping and husband snoring. I relate to that more and more!

  6. Hi Sandy: great list! I think it is such a blessing to be able to watch our children engage in the activities they most enjoy!
    Those kinds of cookies are ones I have never really cared for…am not sure why….but….NUTELLA on the other hand…i could devour an entire jar over a weekend! lol
    Happy Weekend…..

  7. I love those action shots! Having kids in sports is such a mixed bag, isn’t it? I love watching them, but sometimes the whole freezing cold and nowhere to pee thing really stinks. Lol!

    And whoopie pies! Oh my! My mom used to make them all the time! You don’t see them here in Indiana. I may just have to fix that! Thanks for the idea. 🙂

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