So…………..where ya been?

Well first, I accidently dropped my laptop and cracked the hard drive.  Yep you read that right!!  Can you believe it!!?

And for us techie moms this borders on a CRISIS!!  I have a loaner computer for now, but I am lost, it does not have my bookmarks, photos, music etc.  And I can’t figure out how to get into my Twitter account.  Geez!

So…….I haven’t been able to visit any blogs or visit my own blog for that matter.

So I am thinking it is time to take a short blog break!    I will be back when I can get a computer with “all my stuff on it.”   Plus, I must say life has been a bit hectic with the kids sports… as Arnold once said, “I’ll be baaaack!”

And I will be posting a VERY yummy recipe for those “whoppie pies” I mentioned in my last post.

This blog post is also compliments of Drums and The Inventor who did the grocery shopping for me today…as a special birthday surprise.  Yep, 1st day of May is my big day.  So I am relishing some free time, and was finally able to figure out how to get back onto my blog. 🙂


  1. Happy Late Birthday! I am sure it went well. Sorry about the laptop. Yowza that is not fun. Enjoy your blog break. We are slammed with sports activities right now. CRAZY!

  2. I’m just poking around this morning and found your blog. I’m so sorry to hear about your laptop! Mine was stolen from my car last summer and it took me a long time to get back into any sort of a normal web life! 🙂 Let’s see this whoopie pie recipe!

  3. You have been missed! I hope you get your computer fixed soon. Enjoy your blog break. And Happy Birhtday! I hope you had a great one!

    Um, btw, I am now ducking my head in shame. I finally got your gift card in the mail yesterday. I hope you enjoy it!

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