I’m baaaaaack!!

YES!  I have finally emerged from the depths of the dirty laundry,  came out of the evil smelling baseball game porta-potty, and survived driving  five crazed teenage boys to a Phillies baseball game…yes I can now return to my beloved blog!

Wow it’s been a fun, crazy 2 weeks.

The Inventor made us all proud with her straight A’s this year, and was honored with a special “Honors Tea” at her school.   My little tomboy looked quite lovely the night of the tea.

Now on the other hand….SportTman…well you be the judge would you be the proud mom?  Yes, he is sitting in a grocery cart!

And yes you did read correctly, I actually survived, and am able to blog about my experience driving 5- 9th and 10th grade teen boys to a Philadelphia Phillies game.  First, they sang loudly and out of key to every song on the radio, next they turned ALL my driving moves into a relentless litany of baseball terms and last and certainly not least they yelled at “hot girls” in a car next to me.

All in all, I must say I did have a blast with them.

And yes I did assert my motherly power at one point.  I  locked the power windows while they were still down.

They wanted to tape a sign to the window that said “Honk if you are Horny!” They were all yelling at the one boy to put up his window.  He kept saying I can’t, something is wrong with it. I silently smiled to myself until the boys figured out what I had done!

I drew the line there, windows would not go up until they gave me the sign.  Is that skill or what….all while managing traffic on a busy turnpike!

Drums also drove a van full baseball boys to the game.  We met up at the game and got to hang out!

And yes I must admit I have actually found myself getting used to the evil port -a -pots, that I have learned to endure during baseball season.  Geez I was in one the other day, it had the name plastered on the outside of it,  “Pot of Gold!”

Wow, I can assure you that pot had NO gold in it!

But the port-a -pots are worth it all when I get to see my kid hit a triple like Drums captured in this shot of him!

Yep, it is a busy life we live, we are very involved in our kids activities.   It leaves me with little “me time.”  But I work hard to keep it all in perspective and balance.  Because before I know it my kids will be grown and gone, and I will have LOTS of time for me time! 🙂  So for now, I work my Sat. mornings balancing a bit of me time ( stopping for my FAVORITE coffee on the way to a chicken BBQ fundraiser) and then putting yummy smelling BBQ chicken in bags for 3 hours!

Yes, God has blessed our family, and I am thankful for this season of life!!

P.S Leave a comment and I promise to visit your blog……this is my way of getting back to visiting all my beloved bloggy friends!


  1. yay….you are back for a bit!
    love all the pics… and what a great mom….too funny about the Honk if you’re horny sign….believe it or not, I did that with a bunch of my girlfriends back in high school….yes. me. ok. enough secrets! 🙂

    it is good to be involved. No sports stuff for my kids tho….their things are Art, violin competitions, concerts, more Art, Writing contests, more Art, and PROM!!!!!
    I hear ya on the no me time….only instead of schlepping teens to baseball games I am schlepping around a violin, ballet shoes and hunting for the Perfect Prom Shoes…..lol…

  2. My days have been becoming more and more mellow…sometimes I like it but sometimes I get bored..this week I had 6 days of dance rehearsal and recitals… I am ready for boring!

  3. So great to see you back in blogland. Yuck to port a pots…Stunt Man had to use one the other day during his T-ball game. I was like ewwww! Such is the life of a baseball mom Huh?
    Your daughter looked beautiful. Love the necklace. Hooray for all A’s too.
    A proud parent moment for sure.

  4. I know all about teenage boys. Every time you blog something…I’m like, “Yep, I can relate to that!” hahaha.
    Life is busy that’s true, but you have a great perspective….you’re right, it won’t be long and they will be grown and out of the house. Enjoy while you can:)

  5. Enjoy every busy minute, because you are so right, they do grow up and are gone before you know it. My son just graduated high school so that is two done that part of their lives now and I miss going to watch them participate in their activities. You deserve a night out with the girls after being so courageous taking all those boys in a van! LOL.

  6. My hat is off to you big time! Lol! Driving a car load of boys down the turnpike would do me in, I’m afraid. I have to lock the windows on the trip from the bus stop to our houses–less than a mile and a half away! So I just can’t imagine!

    I passed a “Sweet Blog” award your way today. Though, I think you deserve more than that after you trip to Philly!

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