Friday Fave Five

It’s NICE to be  back to blogging and  participating in my favorite Friday Fave Five!  I have missed all of you!

My week started with a PERSONAL DAY from school on Monday!  I can not tell you what a nice day this was!  Drums and I had what I like to call a Marriage Mender day.  We just enjoyed some time being together!  We went to this amazing smorgasbord for breakfast!  Oh my can you say Oink, Oink….yes that would have been me. 🙂  So after  indulging in sheer gluttony, we headed out on a “rails to trails” bike ride.  It was a lovely ride through a heavily forested area, with several historical landmarks along the way.  It was such a pleasant day, and so needed!

Another fave this week was FRESH Strawberries!!  I am a big advocate of the Buy Local, Buy Fresh movement.  Living in the middle of farm country, fresh produce is easy to find and strawberries are abundant this time of year.  Wow is all I can say about strawberries!

A long bike ride on a lovely spring evening is another favorite!  Being so busy the last 2 weeks, I have not been able to keep up with my exercise routine.  So this week I have been back at it…..and a bike ride in the peaceful countryside is always a joy for me.  I have arthritis in my right knee, and I have found the more active I am the less it bothers me!

Wild Phlox!  They are blooming all over our woods.  The Inventor picked a TON of them the other day,  and put them in a vase .  They sure add a nice touch of spring to our house.

And certainly last but not least….. is something I am looking forward to this Sat.  I AM GETTING A MASSAGE!! Drums and The Inventor got me a gift card for a massage at Christmas…..and yes I know this is May…..but this busy mom is finally getting that massage.  Can’t wait!

For more favorite, please stop by and visit with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.


  1. personal day, strawberries and a massage … all in one week! You are the envy! What a great week…I bet that massage will feel so good!

    A while ago you asked if I were still running…yes and no.. but I hope to say yes more in the next week. I am afraid to run on wet surfaces until I get new shoes…and I have been recovering from being sick..

    Enjoy your Friday!

  2. Marriage Mender Day. Love that!

    I love strawberries at this time of year too, though I don’t think we have any locally yet, it’s just been too cold and the nice days have not been consistent enough.

    A massage sounds good to me! Enjoy!

  3. Oh everything sounds just great with your favorites this week. So glad you got away and had a mending day…I like that. That smorgasbord is over the top amazing! Yikes.
    Ahhh a massage sounds real good right now, ENJOY!!

  4. Love the concept of Marriage Mender Day. We all need those I suspect.

    I’m thrilled strawberry season is here too. If only it would last longer!

  5. Oh my, those strawberries look scrumptious. We don’t get them fresh here until sometime in June but I’m looking forward to it. I, too, love the Buy Local concept for food and am going to try to do more of that this summer. Have a great week.

  6. That is some buffet you went to ! I love it when people link to the place where they have eaten at.

    Those strawberries look delicious. We have been eating almost daily as well.

  7. Love those flowers! they look like my lilac bushes…
    Yay for personal days! haven’t taken mine yet this school year….
    and yay for evening biking. I did a late sunday afternoon one with my claire and haven’t been able to the rest of this week due to school events every.single.night.but monday.
    Tonite is prom shoe shopping for the teen.
    Sunday is kayaking after church!!
    Enjoy that massage!!!!!

  8. Marriage Mender day—that sounds delightful. As does fresh strawberries. There’s not much better. Enjoy your massage! I’m sure you’ve earned the gift card by now. 🙂

  9. I’m a strong advocate of buying and eating locally too. Since we live in strawberry heaven, I’m drooling looking at yours too. Love the idea of a bike ride on Marriage Mender Day 🙂

  10. Our strawberries won’t be here until June – we love them!!

    Oh lucky girl, a massage – I need one too 🙂

    Sounds like you had a lovely day with your hubby -and you do’t have to worry about the big breakfast – you had the bike ride after!

  11. Your marriage mending day sounds like it was wonderful. Although we usually pick up a few things in the grocery part on our vacations, I haven’t been to Shady Maple’s Restaurant in years. I can’t believe how huge the place has become. I remember when all there was was the grocery store. (I’m giving my age away! Lol!)

    Only a couple more weeks till our vacation this year! We can’t wait!

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