Chance to change a child’s life!

Hello Blog……yea I know it’s been forever since I have written anything on this dear blog of mine. The activities of summer leave me busy and with little time for blogging!    I wish I could push a pause button on summer, it is going so fast!

I thought I would jump back into the swing of blogging with a post about our Fresh Air Fund teen’s visit with our family.

He just left Tues after spending 2 weeks with us.  He has left his cramped Bronx apartment every summer for the past 8 years to come and stay with us.  I have blogged about it here and here.

I thought I would post some  of his own words from the visit  and some of my favorite pics.

When asked why do you like to go outside when you get up each morning.

He replied simply….because I can”  ( he lives on the 6th floor of a city apartment, getting up and going outside in the morning really isn’t an option)

When asked, why do you often wash a clean dish off before using it?

Sometimes bugs and stuff ( roaches and rats) get in our cupboards at night, so I just rinse it off before using it.”

After watching LOTS of SportTman’s baseball games.  I asked if he got bored.

He replied, Nope it’s great to be part of a team, I’ve never been able to be part of any sports team!”

We are always telling him to eat up while here.  I feed him lots of farm fresh veggies and fruit and lots of food from the grill.

He always thanks me and says, My mom always tells me to save some for the others ( he has 6 siblings), it’s nice to just be able to EAT!!”

Our Summer Family,  our Fresh Air Fund teen truly is part of our family.  We have watched him grow from a city little boy to such a well rounded teen who aspires to go to college.

We are thankful to the Fresh Air Fund for sending him to us each summer.  It has been such a blessing we  also brought him down last year at Christmas.


  1. Sandy…what a blessing! I am also glad you are having a nice summer..the time is flying… we have something every week in August and I am afraid the time is going to fly! Have a great rest of summer

  2. Sandy….what an awesome thing you are doing!I loved reading about him and also I said a quick prayer for him and his 6 siblings and mom……you are an inspiration and using your giftings from God to bless this boy.

  3. Sandy,

    That is just awesome that you are able to do this each summer. How fun! I loved reading his answers too. I can’t believe it is August already…enjoy the rest of your summer. It goes by way too fast.

  4. What a ministry! You’ve made such a difference in this young man’s life. And it seems like God has used him to change your family, too. Thanks for blessing us with his story.

  5. I am so glad to read this Sandy! I volunteered to let Fresh Air use my ad space to promote their program even though I don’t know of anyone who actually participates — and then I saw this. Wonderful! I just love your family and how you share your love to others 🙂

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