Friday Fave Five

For those of you who are new to reading Jesus and Dark Chocolate, most Fridays I write a Friday Fave Five post.  This is a time to reflect upon my favorite big or little things of the past week.  And as I sit in my comfy chair listening to Christmas music, with my softly lit Christmas tree glowing nearby.   I am thinking it will be good for me to continue writing a Friday Fave Five.

Yes my current circumstances are not real fun and are probably not a favorite for anyone…..BUT there are still plenty of good, special and endearing things that come my way each week and I am choosing to focus on them.  Imagine if I wrote a post called “Five Depressing Downers” for the week.   Focusing on those downers for the week really won’t carry me too far in this ordeal.

So with out further adieu… Faves of the week!

My dear 13 year old daughter had her 8th annual cookie baking party last Sat.  Imagine the chaos of nine 8th graders baking cookies, eating cookies & cookie dough, throwing flour at each other, and decorating and making 8 different YUMMY types of cookies!  It was a great day,and a great distraction for me and FUN for all.  Oh and did I mention our family enjoyed cookies for dinner that night and for breakfast the next morning!

This simple message scrawled on my husbands classroom chalkboard brought joy to my heart during our storm of life right now.  Such a sweet message from public high school students!!

I got a facebook message from dear friends who are missionaries in Thailand……here are her words.  God used them to encourage me all week long!!

Our staff gathered on a mountain with streams of running water beside… It’s still warm here, so don’t picture us freezing :-)… Our ministry team is made up of Chinese/Singaporeans, Canadian, British, Thais and American ( a glimpse of the Body!). We were gathered for a morning of prayer, to just sit as His feet as a ministry team. We stopped and prayed specifically for you Curt and your whole family. I wished you could have heard the various languages, accents, heart cries going before the Lord, prayer being lifted for you in different languages, it was beautiful. I hope that is an encouragement to you to know your brothers and sisters from all over the world, are lifting you up in prayer, and we know our Father heard…

Yes it is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ!  Thanks Lori!

Our chiropractor just got the greatest massage chairs in their office, wow during my appointment this week I practically fell asleep in that glorious chair.  The worst thing I heard all week was when someone told me my time was up in that chair!! 🙂

Curt has really been embraced by dear friends since he stopped working.  He has gotten so many emails, phone calls and offers to get together.  It has really helped make a tough adjustment to not working somewhat easier.  But please do continue to pray for him, after teaching for 25 years, it has been hard for him to not be working.  It has been met with an array of emotions!

Thanks again dear friends for your prayers and notes of encouragement… really helps ME to PRESS On!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about choosing to focus on the blessings through our times of trouble!

    I am so glad to hear that you and your family are being loved on by so many friends! The chalkboard message especially touched my heart! Words of encouragement are gifts, to be sure.

  2. Yes Sandy!! It’s so important for any of us to focus on the positive things the Lord brings our way, especially in the midst of struggles or sadness, etc.
    HOW AMAZING to receive the note from the missionary friend…that brought tears to my eyes…and wow…your girl loves to bake! good for her….looks like a fun tradition! Hugs to you…..

  3. You have me crying my eyes out as I’ve read your blog over the past 30 minutes. I don’t understand…but that song that you posted is way beyond our expectations of what Life is like Jesus.
    In that one photo I shared on my blog….my one dear friend has and acute case of Lou Gehrigs…it started in Feb. and she is given 6 more months. That’s what’s brought us together…our faith, our Peace in Christ. Your husband, your lover, your father of your children…Know good things to not happen to good people…I will pray for you my friend…We’ve had more things in our family this summer…also and maybe that gives our blogging more meaningful posts as we start sharing our journeys rather than just writing about the fluffy things.

  4. Focusing on the good things God sends our way does carry us through. I love your determination to just that. I love that chalkboard message the kids wrote. And what a blessing for friends near and far to be gathering around you in support.

  5. I feel like writing one of those “Five Depressing Downers” sometimes, too. But I guess nobody would want to read it. ha. Glad you were able to pick out these five good moments. I remember you having the cookie party last year. You’re quite the woman! How SWEET of the high school students to leave that note for Curt. He must have been an awesome teacher and touched a lot of lives. And he will continue to do both!

  6. The chalk board message went to my heart. So often it is easy to come up with 5 depressing things. I was so touched reading how inspired a feel you must have reading about everyone praying for your family in different languages. This is sure one to post and thank you for sharing God bless you,

  7. I started crying when I read about the prayers in different languages. It just hit me how priveleged we are to be a part of the family of God. Where would we be without the prayers that are lifted for us everyday, oftentimes unknown to us? How astounding that our brothers and sisters who don’t even know us, plead on our behalf. So glad you are being surrounded by this type of love right now.

  8. I knew you would find five blessings every week because I see your heart on the blog and how you choose to find the positive things– prayers in many languages, cookies!, the support of so many people.

  9. I’ve been blessed by hearing how the Lord has blessed you, and the things people have done for you all are good examples and lessons for us in how to minister to others. That prayer meeting was a special blessing. And that chalkboard message was, too. The cookie-baking sounds so fun!

  10. Sandy,

    I have been missing from the blog world except on Sundays. i miss being here. I will keep your hubs in my prayers. Thanks for being so positive. You are an encouragement to me.

  11. Sandy,

    Even though this is not the journey you would have chosen for your family…you have no idea how your testimony is touching others. The fact that you are trusting in God’s sovereignty speaks volumes.

    Lifting you and your family up in prayer, Dawn

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