How did you know??

People often ask me how did I know something was wrong on with Curt.  Alzheimer’s is so unusual in the way it affects people.  Each one is so different!  And Curt being so young, obviously  the last thing we thought was going on was Alzheimer’s!!

Curt started complaining 3-4 years about “losing it!”  I of course figured it was the busy and over 40 brain kicking in.  He was always pretty disorganized, so I just figured it was the combination of that and getting older.  He of course insisted there was more to it than that, and I  as any good, busy wife does, really didn’t listen to well to his complaints about memory!  🙂

But about 2 years ago we both noticed it had gotten worse.  And he talked to his primary care dr.  At that point he was up sleepwalking a lot at night with no recollection of any of it the next day, becoming more disorganized, having trouble keeping track of appointments and the details of what was happening through out a busy week.  I also noticed he was having trouble driving  somewhere new and unfamiliar, and he was having great difficulty with things like putting the tent up when we went camping, or simple fix it jobs around the house.  He was also reluctant to try a new skills.

He talked to his Dr. and they agreed to a sleep study, ( since my sweetie is a snorer!!).  Sometimes memory loss issues can be caused by simple lack of sleep…..seemed to make sense to me.  But deep down at that point I thought there seemed to be more to it than just short term memory problems.

He had the sleep study done and he was shown to have sleep apnea so he started with the good ole C-Pap machine, and I was happy to now be sleeping with Darth Vader each night.  Shortly after starting with the C-Pap the short term memory issues did get better…….HOWEVER, I was also starting to see other more disturbing symptoms.

He called me one night late in Feb. of this year on his cell phone asking me how to turn off the bright lights on the van.  He was complaining that he rarely drives this car and couldn’t figure it out.  Problem is, the brights turn off the exact same way as the car he is used to driving!

He was also having trouble parking the same van in a parking spot.  It was always crooked, and not positioned well.  In addition he had great trouble parallel parking a car, a skill he had always done with exact precision.  I began to notice spatial concepts were difficult for him.

Then this past summer, things became more apparent there was something wrong.

And there is where I will have to stop for now…..I am off to school for the day.  More to come later…….

Thanks again for praying for ALL of us!!

Keep praying as Curt adjusts to being home….most days are good and busy, but there are those moments when he seems a bit depressed by everything.  Which is understandable.

Also please pray for wisdom with ALL the decisions for the future that need to be made.

I love this picture, it’s a reflection of our busy life…..Curt eating breakfast at a baseball tournament in Omaha, NE this summer! 🙂


  1. It’s the little things that we often overlook. I know I’m terrible about taking my husband’s issues seriously. You often think it’s nothing to worry about. But sometimes it is. Thanks for that great remnder. Praying for you guys!

  2. Mocha with Linda asked what I was thinking while I read this and did they ever consider lyme disease? just curious because lyme, when left untreated, can be in system for months/years and neuro problems occur. At any rate…it is good to know your story so we can focus on the praying!!

  3. Yep they were wondering about a brain tumor, but when the MRI came back negative, I pretty much knew then what we were dealing with. 😦 And he still needs to get a lyme test, they will check into that……but he has no other symptoms similar to lymes…but he will be tested for it.

  4. Hi Curt and Sandy: It was great seeing you last week Curt! Hey, just prayed for you all. You reflect the love of Christ in such great ways.

    Love to you all, Jeff Batzer

  5. Sandy, I am praying for Curt, you and your family. You are one of the smiliest (A word?) people I know. I hope that you can keep smiling and trusting in God. Remember God never gives us something we can’t handle w/out his help.

  6. Hi Sandy. I know we’ve only communicated via facebook when you came out here to Omaha during the CWS; but your situation just hit me smack in the face. My mother died this past February from Alheimers. I have lived with ADHD all my life and it is easy to wonder when I am forgetful or have a lack of attention whether I have something more serious. I know how family and friends deal with a person who has this condition, but I have always wondered how the person with the condition deals with it. You can count on prayers coming from Omaha for all of you!!!

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