You seem so positive……

People often say to me, “Sandy you seem to be handling this all so well, you are so positive.”
Well folks let me assure you, there are times I feel like screaming, “My husband has freakin Alzheimer’s at the age of 46, this is SO NOT FAIR!!!!!”  Or a simple “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I hate this!!!”  both would reflect my thoughts and feelings at times!
This has been a challenge for me, for those who know me, they know my personality tends to be positive, upbeat and laced with a fun sense of humor.  So you take a personality like mine and throw in a life changing event and what do you get…………….well I am not sure yet.
But I do know this when I sit and think about how to handle this, I think I can be depressed, freaked out, down, lethargic, negative and complaining  OR I CAN CHOOSE each day to face ALL of this with a positive attitude standing strong on the foundation of Christ and lace it all with a bit of a sense of humor.  When you look at the two options which would you choose?!?!?
As a busy mom, teacher and wife to Curt, I am going with option #2!!!  If I want to remain sane through all of this, I must choose option #2! 🙂
And I have noticed by choosing that option, things seem to go smoother, life feels more normal.  I can assure you there are moments when I feel so overwhelmed and sad, but I don’t wallow in it, it doesn’t make sense to.
I get out and walk and pray, that helps especially under a cold, winter star lit sky, I am learning to play Black Ops/Call of Duty with the kids ( I always hated that killing game, but alas now I am playing it and it doesn’t seem so bad), I drink coffee ( and thanks to the dear friends who have brought me coffee and hooked me up with a Dosie Dough coffee card!!!!!!  Perfect for me!), I got a massage this past week, I delve into my bible looking for wisdom and guidance, and I accept all the hugs friends give me along the way!  All have proved to be good survival tactics ( ugh, with that statement I am sounding like a Black Ops player!)

So I continue to commit our life and situation to God and pray for such wisdom along the way as we proceed into uncharted waters in 2011.  Thanks friends and family for walking this journey WITH us!


Two pictures that capture life at this moment…..The first one is a reflection of good friends!  We went to watch a GREAT Eagles game (The Eagles vs Giants game) with Curt’s old college roommate a few weeks ago.  Fun times with friends has been so helpful to all of us!!

The 2nd picture is of basketball season!  It’s so normal to attend all of Ty’s basketball games this season, it’s a nice break from the worries of life.


    1. No Linda, my sports minded husband hasn’t missed much of a beat when it comes to sports!! So funny how this disease affects people in such different ways! There are many things he does so well you would never know there was a problem…..but then there are simple things like hanging up a coat the right way, typing, short term memory issues, putting a seat belt on that he has such trouble with!

  1. great pics! Happy New Year Sandy and still praying for you….my prayer group meets again on Friday (we meet the first fri of the month after I get out of work) so will be lifting you up. hugs to you….

  2. I thought of you today and prayed again…. thinking that you may want to hold on to time and not have it move forward… I watched home movies over the break and felt that way. I am glad this is only a blip on eternity’s radar. You are so honest and make me laugh – esp. about COD! your friend, kristin

  3. Hi Sandy! Love your blog! How great to record and unload in this way! I am ready for us to get together when you are! Why don’t you let me know what would work for you in the next week or so…. Also, one question as a way for me to do some of my own research and get ready to help…. Is Curt’s diagnosis early onset Alzheimers or is it PIXS disease? You have never mentioned Pixs, so I am assuming not, but just wanted to check.
    So Looking forward to working together!! Praying I will be a form of help or assistance to you!!

  4. Once again you put me to shame. I always choose option #1. You are a much better person than I am. Thanks for challenging me.

  5. You are such an encouragement to me. I know you must be struggling along the way but your faith in God and positive attitude shows how much you love God and your husband. I’m praying for you and your family.

  6. Hello Mrs. Morris,
    I have thought about you so many times over the years. What a pleasure it is to find you.
    I do admire your way of handing what has been placed before you and your family.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your’s.
    Your past student,

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