Friday Fave Five

For several years I have participated in a fun blog activity called Friday’s Fave Five, and I am determined to keep participating each week.  I think it will be good to reflect on 5 good things that happened each week.
I have an awesome friend who is doing some painting for me.  I had promised Madi that I would paint her room this summer, well I got caught up in other projects and did not get it done.  Also around that time I became so consumed that something was wrong with Curt….. it just never happened.  And dear Madi  had already taken down everything off her walls and gotten her room ready to paint.  I told her we would do it the first weekend in Oct. HOWEVER,  that was the weekend we found out hubs has early onset dementia/Alzheimer’s…so it didn’t happen that weekend.  But a dear friend came to my rescue over Christmas break, I was sharing with her about how bad I felt that I hadn’t done it and……….. she volunteered to do it!!!!!!!!  At first I didn’t know what to say, but “YES!!” quickly emerged from my mouth. 🙂  She has been over twice this week to work on it………it’s starting to look so nice! 🙂 Oh I am just so thankful for her TLC with my daughter’s room!
We got a new Canon Rebel camera, it is so sweet!  We really want to document this time in our life with some good pics.  And my sweet husband who has alzheimer’s ordered the camera online, got it all set up and started to taking pics with it.  This is such a crazy disease, he has trouble with some simple tasks, but has been able to learn how to use this somewhat complex camera!!  Regardless I am loving this new camera!
I started playing with the camera some and took this shot of hubs……can you tell he is enjoying not having to shave every day!
My kids…….life is crazy these days, but my kids make me laugh every day!!  Curt and I have always had a sense of humor and apparently they both  got the humor gene also! 🙂
And finally ( I know this is only 4 things this week, but this next one counts as two….it’s amazing and I must share it!) I received a gift bag at school right before Christmas.  The teacher who gave it to me emphasized to me that it was not from her, she was just delivering it.  I took it to my classroom and finally looked at it at the end of the day.  Inside was this sweet praying angel.
There was also a typed note and a check.  I opened the note to find these endearing words;
“Experiences…….it’s what our lives are made of……We would like you to accept this gift and experience something fun…..something relaxing and enjoyable away from your daily worries and duties…..we know how important this is and how seldom we make the time to do it.
Funny how many times we are not even aware of how many people we touch throughout our lives…..sometimes directly……..sometimes indirectly…….sometimes through actions……..sometimes through words…….sometimes by the smallest thing that we don’t even see…….So please accept this small  gift from people of lives both of you have touched…….some that you know……..some that you don’t……and each time you look at this angel…..know that someone is thinking of you and someone is praying for you………………
I cry all over again as I re-type those beautifully scripted words.  Those words enough were a gift to both Curt and I…..but the story doesn’t end there!!

The check enclosed was for $646.32!!!!!!!!!!

And….yes there is more…………..Curt and I had just booked an upcoming ski vacation.  Curt has always taken the kids skiing and wanted to take them to ski in Vermont while he still can ski.  We hadn’t told a soul that we had even made the reservations or anything about the trip.  The package deal that we had just booked for 4 nights cost us an amazing……………

Lodging and lift ticket package cost $636!!!!!!!!!!

Some may call that a cool coincidence, but here at Jesus and Dark Chocolate I truly believe God had His hand in all of it!

I truly can say that during our storm of life, we have been blessed by God!

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  1. I was thinking the other day that you should do as much as possible to not let this situation hold you back from doing the things you like to do; and I see you are not!

  2. I think this is one of the most AWESOME Friday Favs I’ve ever read because the details are so personal and so God-orchestrated! How incredible is that gift – not just the gift but how it matched so well with what had already been planned. That’s just so awesome!

  3. Visiting from FFF. What incredible people to work with, who would do that for you! I got a Willow Angel from one of my autistic students a few years ago (the one signing “I love you”); it made me cry. I have it on my dresser so I see it every day and say a little prayer for him.
    I must say, your husband looks quite dashingly rugged with his beard! 😀

  4. Fantastic surprise, I love the idea, I hope you find joy just watching him ski. Have a great time. I know Vermont is one of my favourite places on our way to our daughters one year we had to detour to Vermont and I love the winding roads, the houses on top of the hills, just the hills everywhere. Sandy enjoy and have a great weekend.

  5. Wow, this is a great list. That’s a friend, someone who will paint for you!

    Prayers for you and your husband. I can’t imagine how difficult some of your days can be, and you are obviously handling it with grace and a strong faith. I love the story about the check and the ski trip. No coincidence there, God is in on this!

  6. Praise the Lord!! oh Sandy…I am sitting here with tears on my cheeks after reading your last fave! HOW AWESOME IS GOD!!!!! have fun in Vermont….this just made my day..i can’t wait to share this with my prayer group….may I??

  7. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the story of your gift and vacation plans. I love how God knows exactly what we need and when we need it (Duh!). Blessings to your friend who is painting for you, too. Happy Weekend to you!

  8. Oh my goodness, Praise God! That whole story just has me smiling! What a gracious gift.

    Wow, Curt is way ahead of me on learning to work a camera. I received a Canon too, and just have not had the time yet to really play with it.

  9. That is a wonderful story about God’s provision for your skiing trip. Maybe one day you can bless someone in the same way! Enjoy your trip 🙂

  10. What a sweet, sweet friend to paint for you! Awesome. And the story of your gift bag is so sweet. Nice picture of your husband.

    Glad to hear you had a good week. I jumped down and read your post about making choices, and I think you’re very wise. More power to you — and prayers, too.

  11. With happy tears flowing in my eyes (God is so good) this early morning here on Maui, I pray that God will continue to bless you as He has done according to your sharing in this post. I am sharing a link to this post on my Facebook personal account. I think it will be an encouragement to many (especially my family) and will glorify God.

    Liza’s Eyeview and A Maui Blog

  12. Sandy, what a great article! Wow you know it was God 636.00!!! I am anxious to hear when you get back where the .32 cents comes into play 🙂 I will be praying for all of you to have a safe and wonderful trip!! I have heard so many stories over the past 29 yrs of being a Christain of similar things happening around the world. It is the “little things” in life I think that are so reassuring and comforting and like you said, we can take stock and count our blessings. I read a lot of your blogs yesterday, I was melancholy about my own circumstances, and sometimes I like to see what I can do for other people to get my mind off “matters”. There are no words I can say to you, you know I went through this with my dad. I know what your facing, and if I could take it all away I would. My heart just breaks!! Hopkins said the same to him 19 years ago, they did not see anybody as young as him at 55. He had sleep apnea too, metal toxicity in the brain and depression and other issues that can kill brain cells. The EFA deficiency seems to be a big link. So I encourage you with that line of help and I am not sure about Vitamin B and Ginko Bibloba (SP) but I think you are doing all the right things girl and you and your fam are an inspiration. Hugs and Dark Chocolate 🙂 Di

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