FAQ Interview

Ok warning on this blog post……I really don’t know what got into me when I wrote this! 🙂

Today I am sitting down to chat with Sandy on how life is going for her these days

Jesus and Dark Chocolate Blog – So Sandy, how are YOU doing with all that is going on ?

Sandy – (smiling and sipping her coffee) Thanks for asking.  Life has been just weird for me.  I miss the days of normal chaos.  They have now been substituted with unexpected, unknown days of chaos and unexplained tiredness.  Days don’t go as planned, and that is hard for me since I am a planner.  Things come up and I am learning to quickly switch gears and adjust.  It’s all a new normal for me….but I am making the adjustment, seeking God’s wisdom, and living life!  No need to get bitter and angry…that would lead me no where!  Hey can I get you some coffee or dark chocolate ?

Jesus and Dark Chocolate Blog (JADCB) – No thanks on the coffee, but I will take some chocolate!  Thanks!  How is Curt doing these days?

Sandy – (pouring more half and half into her coffee, and sipping it) Well, overall he is really doing well. He is NOT bored at home.  He has the greatest friends.  He routinely has one or two different friends (and even former students) who stop in to say hi, take him out to lunch or breakfast, or just hang out and watch sports with him!   He is also busy practicing drums for Sunday mornings where he still plays twice a month on the worship team. He is also working on recording drums.  I am telling you that man may loose all of his other abilities down the road, but he will still be able to play drums! 🙂  He does get VERY tired at times, so he will also sleep some during the day.  That helps since the evening and nights are often busy with sports and the kids activities.  He is also trying to get to the Rec Center once to twice a week to work out.

(JADCB) Hey this is good chocolate by the way, what is it?

Sandy – Wilbur Chocolate…duh!!

(JADCB) –  So what can friends do to help Curt out?

Sandy – Good question.  It seems that he enjoys just hanging out with friends the most.  His humor and social skills are still quite intact, so hanging with friends is a real blessing for him.

(JADCB) – What does he struggle with?

Sandy – (At this point Sandy puts down her coffee, and in a slow and deliberate voice she tells me)  He can still do so much, and I try so hard to enjoy those things and focus on them!

But  if you must know………. he continues to struggle those short term memory things like, “where is the game tonight?” “what’s for dinner?” He may ask things like that 2-3 times with in an hour.  Or he needs frequent  reminders as to what he needs to do.  I put up a big white board in the kitchen and write down things he needs to do each day on that.  That really seems to help.  And those elusive spatial concepts seem to get the best of him.  Things like buckling a seat belt, filling out a form, hanging up a coat properly, and so many other routine spatial concepts that daily elude and frustrate him.

At this point, Sandy asks if we can continue the interview another time….she is heading off to the Rec Center for a workout.  So it looks like we will continue with FAQ Part 2. So check back later in the week for Part 2. 🙂


  1. We love you both so much Sandy. Thank you for your transparency and willingness to share your heart with us. Thank you for the encouragement of being real and raw and trusting our God who is perfectly faithful, sovereign and is in the trenches with you. Please send our love and greetings to Curt and the kids. We plan to connect in person with you guys this summer! My words are really not adequate Sandy, but please know you all continue to be deeply in our hearts and prayers. Looking forward to drinking coffee and eating dark chocolate with you asap! 🙂 We love you and miss you guys — lw

  2. I don’t think you have any idea of the inspiration you are giving people who observe you dealing with all of this. Keep following the path you are on and watch for twists in the road.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I will lift up your family in prayer! I am in my 20th year of teaching and can only imagine what a life shift it has been for you and your husband now that he is no longer teaching.

  4. I love the way you did your latest blog entry Sandy!
    Of course it is Wilbur Chocolate!
    Of course you’re an amazing person!!
    Of course all that you do is everything to your family right now!
    Of course you are in my thoughts and prayers every day!
    Keep up your wonderful blog – you are a true inspiration my friend!

  5. When our daughter was in early grade school, she had had a difficult day with her younger brother. In her frustration she told me all the things he had done wrong and then said, “I’m tired of being the good one!” I had to laugh but I understand the feeling. Sometimes we don’t want to always be the good wife or the good mother or the good example or the encourager. We just want to take a long nap! And eat chocolate!! When/If those times come to you, please know we’re praying for your strength, for someone to encourage you, for hugs for you and for good times to make good memories. We also pray for Curt and your children that God will give them His best, as we know He will. Now, go eat some candy!

  6. This was great, Sandy! Your faith and determination to live a new normal is very inspiring…..you never know how God is gonna use you!!! Still praying as is my moms group…..)

  7. Sandy, you are my hero! You allow Jesus shine through you in spectacular ways…sense of humor, compassion, passion, faith, perserverance, etc.

    I am so proud to call you friend!!! You inspire me, girl!!!

    I Love you and your family, and if you ever decide to attend one of our healing services, I’ll be right by your side!!!!

  8. It sounds like you guys have some really wonderful friends. What a blessing.

    The way you are handling things and see the good in everyday is such an inspiration, Sandy! May God continue to uplift you and give you joy and strength.

  9. Creative I must say, do anything that helps. You helped me, I didn’t think of the white board idea yet. Strength, encouragement, and congratulations are on the rise for you. I’m going to read your post about what Jesus has to do with dark chocolate.

  10. Sandy, thank you for sharing your story. When my husband of 28 years was diagnosised with EOAD at age 50, he is 51 now, the doctors told us he was pretty young for this so I figured there were very few people that would understand what I was going through…..but then I read your story. So much of what you said I can relate to, but have never told anyone. I also take care of my mother who is 85 and my brother who is 58 and on a kidney machine. I own a large daycare and find myself feeling tired and wondering if I can make it another day. But I still get up at 4:00 am everyday and get going because of the love I have for my family. That I believe is the way I was raised. My mother cared for my father and sister until there deaths of a kidney disease and my brother who died of a blood clot to the brain and she never showed any signs of weakness…just love and patience!! She is still going strong to this day…I am so blessed to have her!! I to will, with the strength of God, to follow this through the same way!! Again thank you for letting me vent out loud….well this is out loud for me. You have inspired me….keep it up!!

  11. Great way to update. Just now catching up on some blogs I missed this week as I’ve been swimming in the insurance/car research/paperwork aftermath of my wreck last week. A big Texas-sized hug to you!

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