Friday Fave Five

I have not done a Friday Fave Five in awhile……I think I need to go for it this morning.  Especially on this EARLY morning when I awoke to the dog throwing up.   But here is the problem, I don’t really have a Friday Fave Five, it was a hectic, confusing week.  What is a girl to do, I am writing a post about Friday Fave Five, and don’t have any!??!




Well speaking of the dog……She is a 10 year old chocolate lab named Nina.  She’s great, I was NEVER a dog lover, but after having her all these years I am a converted dog lover.  And let me tell you…..she basically thinks Curt is Jesus…the Messiah Savior of all!  She totally WORSHIPS Curt.  She doesn’t see that he has Alzheimer’s and struggles with things…she loves and adores him unconditionally!  Curt came home after being gone all day yesterday on a day trip to Philadelphia, and the dog was in crazy, chaotic, vibrant awe of the man! 🙂  So despite the early morning puke…..Nina makes my list this week.  I can learn a few things from that old dog!

My job, although I must admit I am not a true fan of all the special ed paperwork.  I do love what I do.  I teach high school students with development disabilities, autism and an array of special needs.  I have recently had several big, bad tough boys coming in to volunteer in my classroom.  They do such a great job with the kids, and my classroom of 11 boys and 2 girls…just love these cool guys.  So neat to see these public school boys helping out in my special ed class… really warms my heart!

This is such a frivolous thing, but there is a quaint coffee shop in my town that I like to frequent…..ok maybe I frequent it too much, but I love their coffee and bagels!  And apparently I have fostered that same love for the bagels with in my kids!  We stopped this morning before school on a dreary, rainy Friday!  Helped make the a rough day a bit better…..and those little things are just what I need to get me through.

Once again our Friends are the greatest…..a teacher that Curt worked with for yours went to Philly for the day with Curt.  They took the train and went to a museum together, it was a great day for Curt.  And he is a blessed man to be surrounded by such loyal and caring friends!

And to tell you the truth I can’t come up with another Friday Fave FIVE…..but keeping matters in perspective I am thankful that I came up with four things this week!

I continue to stand amazed at God’s encouragement, and faithfulness to us……Tyler the other day told me that he had heard recently about how some kids can be born with out the ability to feel pain.   He went on to say  how at first he thought that would be pretty sweet to have that ability to not feel pain.  But then he realized, the pain teaches them to know a stove is hot, a something is broken, cut or infected.  They need the pain so they then know something is wrong and it can then be fixed. Pain can be good he said. It can teach and guide you.

Amen son!


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  1. I didn’t do a Friday Five because I wouldn’t be able to find probably anything…but you did do a good job! Our dogs mean the world to us! Have a great weekend!

  2. I would rather read four genuine fav things than five generic made up fav things. It is great to hear of those guys coming into your classroom and being such a help. And dogs have a way of loving us and showing it unabashedly that is just so touching. I am glad that your dog feels that way about your husband. I am sure they are great company for each other.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    Becky K.

  3. I knew you were a teacher; but didn’t know you were a special ed teacher. I think Curt is blessed that you have that background. That makes you more capable in dealing with his condition. Maybe God had you in that profession to prepare you for this season of Curts life.

  4. Our son and daughter-in-law recently adopted 2 miniature schnauzers–siblings. We’ve never owned dogs but those two grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go! Regrettably, we live an hour away from them. This past month has been extremely difficult among my church family–deaths, accidents, catastrophic illnesses. And in the midst of my crying and praying, I kept thinking, “I would feel so much better if I could just cuddle those dogs.” A dog, a coffee shop, nothing is frivolous when we view it as a gift from God. Hugs to you and yours.

  5. Our dog had some kind of vomiting and diarrhea thing going on a couple of weeks ago — the same time my son did. I wondered if one of them caught it from the other. But hers continued until she was breathing really hard one night, and since she’s about 14, we thought that may be the end. But the vet said to try ground beef (we used ground turkey), rice, and cottage cheese and he prescribed an antibiotic — and either something in all of that worked or the virus ran its course. Hope your dog doesn’t have all that and the vomiting was a one time thing, but if not, that’s something you can try.

    I’m not a dog fan either, but ours has been so good for the boys — she looks at them so adoringly.

    I think you must be a gifted teacher to teach special ed. and love it — so many of us wouldn’t know where to start or what to do however our hearts might want to help. I am so glad these guys are taking time to work with these kids — it will be beneficial all around.

    I don’t think it is frivolous at all to mention a coffee shop! I’m glad your hubby has good friends to chum with.

    Your son is exactly right about pain. For years I felt no pain in one leg due to nerve damage from a spinal illness called transverse myelitis. A lot has come back but there are still parts that don’t feel pain (or cold). There have been times I’ve had a cut and didn’t know it, and recently I was cutting a toenail and cut at kind of an angle and into the nail bed itself because I couldn’t feel the warning signs that I was cutting something I shouldn’t. Unpleasant as pain is, it serves an important service.

  6. Yes, you ARE doing good, daughter of mine! ‘So glad that it worked so well on that trip to Philly for Curt. I bet he was tired! AND, Tyler IS a wise young man,(thanx Lisa!). Gosh, this makes me miss all of you! As soon as I get the Sciatica cleared up, Dad and I want to come that way and spend a day with Curt. Hang in there everyone! I love you all!

  7. So glad you could join us this week. You’re right — you are blessed with awesome friends, real blessings for you and your husband.

    I love the picture in my mind of those big cool high school boys helping your special ed kids. Just love it. And Tyler’s words? I think he gave you your #5. What a wise young man.

    Have a blessed week ahead!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I have a favorite coffee shop I frequent ( I don’t drink coffee just chai tea).
    What a wonderful picture of the big school boys helping in your classroom.
    Your husband is truly blessed having you as his wife – your career choice has most likely helped with the understanding and patience needed to care for him.
    Always in my prayers

  9. Sandy, I say it over and over again, but you’re awesome and an inspiration to me!!! Keeping your heart focused on the blessing is the best “pain reliever” there is.

  10. Wow…my fave thing from YOUR list was the profound stuff your son told ya!! And I just love that we have the special ed thing in common besides chocolate and hiking 🙂 Loved reading your list…and hope your dog feels better soon!!

  11. I think you did find #5. Your son’s insight about pain in the last paragraph! Life is made up of the little things. They don’t seem like a big deal when they happen, but they add up over time, filling our hearts and lives with little bits of grace sprinkled here and there. So, the dog, the coffee, the bagels, the kids, just little sprinkles of grace on your week! Thanks for sharing.

  12. You know it’s going to be a wonderful day when you wake up to the hacking. (Enter MUCH sarcasm here) A coffee house just opened up here a few weeks ago and I’m so glad: we had one in our town in SC but didn’t have one here that had the same “ambience”, and Starbucks just doesn’t have that. How great that Curt has friends who will take the day off (I’m assuming he did that) and spend time with him! When I had to go to the high school to see some students, I loved to see the “regular ed guys” working with the special needs kids. Lets you know there is still some good in this world, and that teenagers aren’t all bad! 😉

  13. I know those weeks when it’s nearly impossible to find five favorites. Sometimes, I think, those weeks are the most important times to LOOK for the gifts, though.

    We haven’t had a dog for years, but I remember waking up to the sound of her throwing up. But like you, I could get past that because her complete and unconditional love was a blessing.

    Great insight from Tyler! And I’m glad that Curt had the chance to spend a day in Philadelphia with a friend.

  14. What a great friend Curt has. And what a wise son you have. Isn’t it fun to watch the big bad boys deal so sweetly and gently with your students? I think I’d love your little coffee shop too.

  15. I just read some of your past blogs and it is nice to keep up with you this way. It also shows me how to pray for all of you and keeps you in my prayers! I noticed you referenced ‘Jesus Calling’ and I just had a friend recommend that devotional to me! Isn’t it funny how that works….or how God works. I guess I better go get me one! Have a good week my friend – Kristin

  16. I adore your fave five. I can see how hard you are trying to keep your head up. It is an encouragement to me that through this darkness you can see light. Keep your head up God’s Girl!

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