I hate mornings

I recently reset my alarm clock to 5:30am.  The reason, I wanted to hit the snooze 3 times instead of 2 before I get up.  Tell me that makes a lot of sense.  But that is my mentality these days!  Every school morning for the last 5 month I feel as if I am stuck to the bed like velcro, slowly trying to pull away from my beloved haven of rest!

So as you can see I have morning issues!

Here is the problem, I used to LOVE mornings.  I was a morning person, I rose with spunk in my step and a smile on my face.

So what changed?

Curt is now still in bed, snoring away.  He would always get up on school mornings before me.  He would eagerly await for me to pop my eye open so he could turn on Fox News or CNN for his morning news fix.  I would often awake to his usual morning rant about some news event ( remember he was a World History teacher).  Well I now miss those early morning rants, they have been replaced by snoring or just silence.

So as I start each day, I am confronted  the new normal we are living with.  I am reminded that my husband can no longer work due to the rages of Early Onset Alzheimer’s.  That is why I don’t want to get up….I am reminded right away of what we are now dealing with.  I just want to hide under the cover and wish it all away!

BUT then one morning I read this in my devotional book, Streams in the Desert.

~” The morning is a critically important time of the day.  You must never face the day until you have faced God, nor look in the face of others until you have looked into His.   You cannot expect to be victorious, if you begin your day in your own strength alone.” ~

I still have my alarm set for 5:30 am, BUT I do have a different attitude about facing mornings.  I really was trying to  begin my day on my own strength or should I say my own weakness.  I had lost sight of facing God in the mornings and committing my day to Him.  I am now working towards relying on His strength, wisdom, and guidance more each day.  🙂  So let us rise and shine together on this Monday morning!

Praying for us???  Well……………

Life is a bit crazy for this momma……spring is always crazy with Madi playing lacrosse and Tyler playing baseball.  It just gets a bit crazy for my overworked brain.  So I would relish prayers for wisdom, good use of my time and a few needed moments of down time.

Both pictures by the way were taken by Curt

The process has started to apply for Social Security Disability.  I had to fill out a fairly lengthy and detailed form about Curt’s deficiencies.  It was kind of weird.  But it’s in the mail and done.

Pray for Tyler and Madison, that God may grant them patience with Curt.

Pray for wisdom for decisions

Pray for Curt to continue to be content with being home during the days

Thanks friends and family!


  1. You blogs are always inspiring and good reasons to pray. I don’t know if this is something you are dreading or looking forward to; but do you have plans for the summer when you are not working? I pray that your family can work TOGETHER to make it a fantastic summer!!

  2. I can’t imagine what it must be like but I am praying for you. I think of your family and wonder what has changed. Thanks for the update and the prayer requests.


  3. Still praying for you! The magnitutde of helping curt and your children is something I can hardly wrap my mind around. As I work full-time and deal with helping my parents and await the word on my father (the appt. was rescheduled for next week) I find myself thankful that I don’t have children because how in the world would I meet everyone’s needs? My parents take a lot of my time. I know God will supply. When you feel like it is all about to come crashing down, just remember the prayers that are bouying you up. (No, bouying isn’t a word, but you know what I mean!) He will honor not only your prayers, but our prayers as well as we pray according to his will. And we know it is not his will for anyone of us to be crushed beneath a load! Grace and peace to you my friend!

  4. definitely still praying for you as is my moms in touch prayer group! ok?? so glad you wrote some specific things on here so we can pray specifically for you all….we meet again on Fri so I will definitely tell the other 4 about your requests…hang in there!
    and I can very much relate to your devotional and what God showed you…i remember doing a post, maybe a year or more ago, about something very similar..about beginning my day with HIM instead of my worries, etc. Great post Sandy…..!!!!

  5. Hi Sandy,
    I knew you from the days when Curt played drums with the CrossWalk Band at Grace Church. Sherri S had let us know of the prayers you needed. And today while at the dentist I found out about your blog from Carol. So I came home and have been reading the blog posts.

    I wanted to let you know that we are praying for you. I have appreciated your transperancy in your blog postings. And the way you are finding the postive things to focus upon. I hope to use your example and reminders to find the positive in ANY situation.

    Praying for you, Curt and your family. And LOVE to hear that Curt is still playing his drums!

  6. Dear Sam,
    I think of you often and pray for you. I can totally relate to the not wanting to get out of bed thing, but spending time with God is definetely the first thing we should do. He is where our strength lies. Love you and will pray for your times with Him.

  7. Oh my friend, this is exactly how I feel! Except for the fact that my hubby isn’t going through early onset Alzheimer’s. Thanks for the reminder to start my day in God’s strength and not my own. Many blessings to you as He continues to help you face each day.

  8. Mornings are hard for me too but what you’ve shared from your devotional book really struck a cord in my heart. Thanks for the motivation and faith.

  9. I’ve been thinking about you lately and thought I’d drop by to catch up. I remember the process of filing for disability when my mom and dad went through it on my dad’s behalf. I’ll definitely be praying that God guides the paperwork through the maze of red tape.

    I’m praying for you today. 🙂


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