Friday Fave Five

I am back doing a Friday Fave Five! 🙂

And in some ways I must say it was a rough week, due to an annoying migraine that consumed my day on Tues.  I was pretty much plastered to the couch for the day!

But there were plenty of favorites this week.  There are times when life can seem so normal, and moments I actually forget all about Early Onset Alzheimer’s for a bit!

One such occasion was Tyler’s 3 v 3 basketball tournament this past weekend.  The team he played on actually won the tournament, and Tyler had a ton of fun playing in the tourney.  I of course had fun watching him!  Such a great moment of feeling so normal!

Another normal thing is this sign. (Excuse the blur, I had to edit it a bit for privacy)  Baseball season is here!  Ty is playing for our high school varsity team……and watching him play baseball is so normal!!  Been doing it for 10 years now!

A long, hilly power walk on a beautiful spring day, always brightens my day!

Curt and I went to apply for disability at the local Social Security office. Believe it or not, overall it was a positive experience.  I had done a lot of the paperwork ahead of time online, so it made the whole process go much easier.  Hopefully we will find out by May if Curt was approved.  We stopped by Costco right afterwards and indulged in this scrumptious Chocolate, Almond ice cream bar!!

Unexpected surprises bring a smile to my face……and bless and encourage me on this crazy medical journey we are on!  Someone stuck some delicious Wilbur Buds ( dark choc. of course) in my mailbox at school, another friend brought over an absolutely wonderful dinner for us on Monday night ( and it was a hectic Monday so the timing was perfect), and I got beautiful daffodils at school  for Daffodil Days.…don’t even know who was kind enough to grace my classroom with that glimpse of spring beauty, but I sure am enjoying them!

For more Friday Fave Five stop by and visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story

Thanks again for praying for our family!!  It’s the prayers and power of God’s strength that get me through each week!



  1. I’m sorry you had a rough week. Migraines suck. Finding normal in the kids is a priceless gift. Enjoy them and the time you have to share. We are praying the Social Security come through quickly for you. Keep your chin up God’s Girl.

  2. That ice cream looks scrumpcious! I have only had 2 migraines in my life… I can’t imagine having any more than that! I am glad that is behind you for now! Hats off to Baseball!!

  3. So glad you continue to have “normal” moments and that you are seeing God’s love through his people loving you. Congrats to Tyler. You and Curt have produced quite the athletes! You must have some serious skill flowing through your veins.

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Love you,

  4. Congrats to Tyler’s Team!!!! I am so happy for all of you. So much time and dedication goes into a basketball season!

    My husband loves those ice cream bars without the nuts. I would have to eat mine with a spoon so I just get the berry sundae….love them!

    Have a better week. I know migraines…too well. Hoping you don’t have another one….ever would be nice.

  5. Ty is quite the sportsman, isn’t he? I love watching basketball!

    Thank the Lord for ordinary, normal moments — that’s a good lesson for all of us.

    That chocolate almond ice cream bar looks scrumptious! And daffodils? Lovely! Hope you have an ordinary, normal week ahead — with a few extra blessings thrown in!

  6. I am so glad that you both had a positive experience at the SS office. That’s saying A LOT! (I hate waiting in gov. lines and filling out paperwork for anything.) And that definitely looks like a yummy treat that followed!

  7. Thank you Lord for lots of normal moments for your family! I’m so glad everything at the SS office went smoothly for you.

    That ice cream bar looks delicious. I wonder if they have them at my Costco. Got to check that out. :vP

  8. I’m so glad you had some everyday normal activities this week as well as the special blessings of being ministered to with meals and flowers. And ice cream bars. 🙂 I’m so glad the experience at the SS office was positive and I hope everything goes through and is approved the first time.

  9. Great list Sandy! and yeah…(i never did get back on FB until 2 days after you wrote on my wall)….I had the migrane all day but it was a bit better by that evening….that ice cream bar sure looks great! will be praying still……have a good, relaxing weekend.

  10. Sandy, so thankful for the little encouragements and celebrations (Varsity basketball and won tourneys! ) and the little pleasures like daffodils, dinners, dark chocolate and scrumptious ice cream bars that God allowed in your week to remind you of His care! Glad you have been able to enjoy some moments of ‘normal’ too! Thankful for the ways you are seeing his fingerprints and care in your days. My Bible Study group is praying for the SS outcome and praying for you all!

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