Calm before Spring

I can see it coming.  Pictures like this tell me it’s near. I see it on the horizon of our life.

Yep spring will be here before we know it.   I LOVE spring!  I love flowers, and truly relish seeing them begin to rise from the earth and bloom into something so beautiful.  It’s one of those little things in life I enjoy! 🙂

But this spring looks to be a bit crazy.  Madi is playing lacrosse and Tyler will have baseball.  When putting the sports schedule on calendar last week, I see there are some weeks when they have games the same day/same time and some  when someone has a game every day in that week.

To be honest it’s all a bit overwhelming.

Sports, household duties, some financial things we are taking care of right now, dealing with that anger issue that still lingers, rearing it’s ugly head at unexpected random moments, spring yard work, tons of paperwork to complete at school etc etc etc………

Curt is now so limited in terms of what he can contribute to the running of the household that it pretty much all falls on me.  So if you see me and I forget something you told me, just smile and remind me it’s ok. 🙂  I have forgotten some key things lately, simply because my brain is too full! But I am ok with that…it is how it is these days!

But as I am frequently reminded…take each day as it comes, don’t worry about the future.  Which I must admit can be hard.

But this devotion I read recently really hit home for me.  It’s from the devotional “Jesus Calling” by Sara Young. Um, yea you can see the section I starred in my book! 🙂

Keep your focus on My Presence in the present!  Yep, great point and a powerful reminder for me!

I am really choosing to focus on what is good not the struggles. 

Alzheimer’s is a wretched disease that we all confront as a family daily….but there are also some great things that happen to us also.  I am going to end this post with some of those good things.

This little gem sure has made my life easier!  I love the reminder app, I am constantly typing in little reminders for myself.  I am sure while you are chatting with me sometime you will hear my little reminder alert go off.  Just smile 🙂

Curt’s brother came for a long visit a few weekends ago.  It was a welcome diversion!

Oh and I must mention I devoured an entire box of these in 2 days! Not exactly a proud moment, but a good moment! 🙂

Thanks friends for your continued prayers and support!



  1. Just this morning I was thinking about how I hadn’t “seen” you around lately…your optimism is amazing ,but I get that there are many moments not filled with optimism….please know you are loved…and I am honored to be your Jesus with skin on…

  2. Oh sweet Sandy, don’t worry about anything–forgetting, phone going off, anything! We hear so much about the struggles of single mothers. But your situation is so much more stressful since you not only have the hectic schedules of teenagers, but also the care of your sweet husband. We all need to pray more for your peace and for people in your life to come out of the woodwork to care for you and yours. I trust that your church family is caring for you and I hope that when you need that extra measure of understanding, or some extra time, or someone to vent to, that you have people in your life who will fill those needs. And if you don’t–e-mail me and I’ll come in a heartbeat!! Hugs to you and your family.

  3. hey Sandy it’s Kerri Turner. You are in my prayers. Your kids are growing up.I here Tyler is going to Liberty.Kylie is considering Liberty too.They use to play together at L.E.F.C as toddlers and now getting ready for college soon.Maddie and Karisa are the same age I wouldn’t have recognize her on the street. I’m enjoying your blog.I will keep you all in my prayers.

  4. Living in the moment is much more rewarding than dwelling on the past or worrying about tomorrow. As Curt’s disease worsens, you will have fond memories of the times you spent when you lived in those moments! Happy Spring, and God bless your family.

  5. That quote is such a good reminder for all of us! I wish I could remember that myself. Thank goodness for the spring sunshine. I think it helps to brighten things even when I feel overwhelmed.

    My favorite girl scout cookie is the peanut butter somethings–you know, the ones where you get like SIX cookies! Lol! It was hard to share them with the boys…:)


  6. Hi Sandy!! glad to “see” you back for a bit. A good friend of mine has a son headed to Liberty in the fall!! He can’t wait….we didn’t consider that one but I’ve heard good things about it….and your positive attitude about your circumstances right now is a huge testimony! if you inbox me on facebook with your address I have something I want to send you…..if you’re comfortable with that….no problem if you don’t wanna send it! 🙂
    Good luck with the spring schedule…we don’t have a teen with sports…but the dance thing is busy along with her being in 3 musical groups…’s getting a bit overwhelming..but….it is what it is as you say! (and housework will wait, right??)

  7. I found you from Faith’s blog and couldn’t resist visiting “Jesus and Dark Chocolate”! – great title! I am going through Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling devotional too. While waiting for my thin mints to show up 🙂

  8. Hey Sandy, It’s Peg..I don’t go on facebook much but had a few spare minutes and I’m glad I did. You inspire me! As you know my mom has at Alzheimer:s but at 89 it’s almost expected. She still thinks my dad is alive and sometimes dosen’t remember my name but that’s ok,she seems happy to have my company and we play bingo and chat about times long ago. It is beyond my comprhension how you do, what you do, but I see where you get your strength. That last quote is one I will share with Stephen and my children..(may even post it in the kitchen) for a daily reminder of what’s important, as care for mom gets tougher and so do the daily pressures of finances,school, sports and everyday living in this fast paced world keep distracting us. May not be on facebook much but think and pray for you and your family often. Happy Easter!

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