I am Thankful!

Tis the season to reflect upon our many blessings! My mind is coffee deprived and slowly starting to awake on this chilly morning, but it’s always a good habit to get in each morning and Thank God for His blessings…….. big, small, frivolous, silly, life changing, or encouraging.

Thank Him!

I am thankful for:
Friends who have been such a HUGE blessing to our family in many ways.  It’s the little things that so many of you don’t see.  Friends bringing meals, sending an email or card our way, an occasional gift card to eat out, running to the store for me, helping to get my van headlight fixed……and the list goes on.  So thankful for so many of you! 🙂

Paisely our dog!!  She is a riot and brings lots of needed fun to our house!

My parents, they are about to celebrate 50 years of marriage!!!  That is a milestone to be thankful for!

Um….yea, just had to stick this in my list somewhere…….I have been quite addicted to Burger King’s Sweet Potato fries lately.  Love ’em!   It started this summer with all our baseball travels, I tried them and have been hooked ever since!

Tyler signing his National Letter of Intent to play baseball at Division 1 Liberty University next Fall! Such a joyous milestone!

Seeing Tyler and Madi during the school day!  I am so thankful that I can teach at their school.  Here is Tyler going through the lunch line with one of my students.  I love being there for this kind of thing and I am thankful for that!

Moments……yes Moments.  The days may be long, but there are those special moments God sends our way each day to cherish and be reminded to be thankful! Thank you God for memorable moments through out my day.

My Keurig!

Curt’s sense of humor…..He has lost so much, but still retains that smirk and fun sense of humor.

My kids, they make me laugh!!!!

Our new TV ( and thanks to our friend who helped to mount it for us!!!).  It gives Curt something to do during those down times. He still enjoys watching Sports Center and anything sports related.  He loves reclining in this cozy chair with the dog and watching TV.

Exercise!  I love getting to our local rec when I can or out for a power walk.  It clears my mind, gives me time to pray and gives that extra energy boost I need!

My iPhone, I would be lost with out it

~Thankfulness takes the sting out of adversity.~

…..ALWAYS giving thanks to God the Father for everything…….

Ephesians 5:20

I see no mention of, if your circumstances suck (always been a “say it like it is” kind of person) stop giving thanks.  No the word is ALWAYS.  And despite not always feeling like giving Thanks, and not always feeling real Thankful. 

I give Thanks, for I am blessed in SO many ways.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone may you enjoy the many blessings from big to small that God brings our way each day.


  1. So excited that Tyler has solid plans…for the future…I sense lots more baseball for all of you! Happy Thanksgiving Sandy!

  2. you are a blessing to me!! I loved reading this Sandy!! I was gonna send you a FB msg this week but when I signed in to my blog and saw you had posted I just had to take the time and read this. I am so glad you have good friends there to help you out AND i LOVE that your son is going to a Christian college next year…Courtney has grown so much by being at Gordon. AND….how awesome that he helped your special student through line. I LOVE those moments, too! HAPPY THANKSGIVING dear friend.

  3. Sandy, I am thankful for you! Your faith is inspiring and always comes at just the right time (Thank You, Lord!). I love the picture of Curt in his recliner watching TV with Paisley by his side. Pets are such a blessing; I would be lonely without mine. Congratulations on your parents 50th Anniversary. I am so proud and thankful to have parents who modeled unconditional love for us. I fear we won’t see as many 50th anniversaries in the years to come. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, Sandy!

  4. I love your thankful list! And I love it that you got a dog! 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thankful for our dog, Greta. She has brought out so many qualities in my boys that I didn’t know they posessed. One of them is always lying on the floor with her as a pillow–or being a pillow for her! Lol! And it looks like your Paisley is already on her way to being an invaluable part of your family. Pets are wonderful therapy!

    I pray this Christmas will be very special for your family. Enjoy the break that is fast approaching!

    Love and hugs

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