Dashing through the………

Dashing through the chaos

in a big blue mini van

Out to the activities we will go

Praying all the way

Oh…….Always on my cell, always on my cell, busy all the way.

Yes that is how I feel lately!  I really was hoping for more of a Silent Night type of Christmas  but for now I have the Jingle Bells chaos.

And that is what life is throwing at us right now.  As I write Madi has been sick with a bad cough and fever and was just diagnosed with the flu. I have not slept well listening to her cough all night and Curt snoring all night. 🙂  My big, just turned 18, young man, broke his ankle in a basketball scrimmage on the first day of December. The poor guy is SO disappointed to miss a big part of his senior basketball season!

ty crutches

And poor Curt really started falling apart the 2nd week of December.  He threw up one afternoon and for almost 4 days would barely eat anything and was so confused.  After consulting with his Dr.  we took him off his two Alzheimer’s meds, since they are also known to cause stomach issues.  And guess what…….he has starting eating again.  He is fully addicted to Snicker’s Ice Cream bars, eating 2-3 a day!   But I am thankful for that, compared to the NOTHING he was eating for about a week.  And since being off of the Alz meds, we have really seen NO difference at all in his Alzheimer’s symptoms.  The meds are made to stop the forgetfulness, and other Alz symptoms, but will do nothing to stop the onslaught/progression of the disease. 

Curt and I

So December has been ROUGH, I am not going to lie.  Throw in normal Christmas busyness and shopping, and activities, Tyler’s 18th birthday, Madi’s cookie party, indoor Lax games for Madi, basketball for Tyler, Dr. appointments for Tyler’s ankle and PT, our Fresh Air young man coming for Christmas, school stuff……  I was struggling……..

But as I ponder Christmas and the Christmas story I found myself thinking about Mary the other day.  Mary pregnant as can be, riding on some large, uncomfortable donkey to Bethlehem.  I can  imagine, that was ROUGH!!  Giving birth in a small, smelly stable, ROUGH.  No epidural, ROUGH!   Yet, as a result of those ROUGH times something really good, purposeful and life changing resulted. A tiny baby who could change the world!

And so in that moment I think to myself that our life may be a bit rough right now, but it is some how ALL part of God’s plan and purpose.  And in that I find such comfort and peace this December.  Even in the rough times we cling to a Hope born in a stable so long ago!  And the promise of the Hope in Jesus is truly what keeps us going!

Merry Christmas one and all from our house to yours!!!

50th Anniversary

My entire family gathering for my parents 50th Anniversary!


Someone from our church got our wood stove working again……so thankful!

madi christmas

My sweet and lovely 15 year old! 

cookie party

10th annual cooking baking party!!!  Always fun!


One of his senior pictures!!

Curt and I #2


  1. Praying that God continues to remind you of that very important fact. How amazing that you can even recognize it in the midst of all of the “noise”. Sorry to hear about all of the hard news. I love the photos that show some of the good times too. A Ten year tradition of cookie baking? I’d never have that kind of a record. Too ADD I guess. 🙂

  2. Blessings to you during this season! Madi is beautiful! Sorry about Tyler’s ankle! My Laura blew out her knee senior year during basketball…so I get his pain! Please know you and Curt are in my prayers!

  3. Lovely pictures of your family! And wonderful thoughts about Christmas — that first one was not at all what we think of as the perfect Christmas today — yet it was the most perfect Christmas because our Savior was born.

  4. I’m glad that Curt is eating again. I laughed that it is Snickers Ice Cream Bars. The man has good taste in ice cream! Sorry about Tyler’s ankle. That’s a bummer that it happened in senior year. You are such a trooper still doing the big Christmas baking party. Wow. So glad that it brings such joy to you and your girl. Praying the rest of Christmas and December will slow down and be easier for you all.

  5. sooo thankful Curt is eating now and enjoying his snickers bars! I love all your family pics and especially the one of you and Curt. Keep holding on to that faith of yours, and all those Truths……I am going to pray that the rest of the month will be a restful and joyful time for you!! Hugs…..

  6. So glad God is walking you through this crazy time of year. I’m praying that your daughter feels better soon, and that your son can still enjoy activities with the rest of the team. That stinks, though. It’s just no as much fun to sit and watch. Your pictures are beautiful. 🙂

    Merry Christmas, friend!

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