The Infamous Cookie Party

For the past 4 years, The Inventor has invited 7-10 girls to our house for a Christmas Cookie Baking party. It has become a rather endearing tradition. Today was the big day for this event! And once again, it was a fun time.

The Inventor and I make the dough for most of the cookies the night before, so the day of the party, we assemble, we bake, and we decorate. After over 250 cookies are made, and the house is cleaned up (somewhat!). The girls moms are invited to sit and relax and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea and sample all the yummy cookie edibles. Each girl makes a menu for her mom, then takes their moms “order” and serves them the treats. It is such a nice time for the moms and their daughters, and has become a fun Christmas tradition. One mom even remarked that she doesn’t feel like it’s Christmas until The Inventor has had her cookie party! 🙂 Nothing brings girls and their moms togehter like baking Christmas cookies.
So Here is the low down on the delicious cookies we baked this year;

Thumbprint Cookies ( the dough is rolled in egg whites, then rolled in nuts, then you dollop a bit of jam in the middle)

Sugar Cookies ( always fun to decorate)

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies ( my son’s favorite!)

Peanut Butter Rudolph cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies ( we actually make these from scratch and each girls brings an ingredient for the cookies)

Dulche Swirl Top bars  – (these are so good, and very fun to make the swirl top – see pic below)

Pirouette ( from Pepperidge Farm) dipped in Chocolate and rolled in sprinkles

They were all so good, and if I have a chance later this week I will post the recipes. I am thinking we may just have cookies for dinner tonight! 🙂



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