Today we were planning to drive down to Washington DC to see the Redskin game…..but instead I am sitting home in my PJ’s with a migraine! Can you believe it??!!! UGH! It’s not a killer migraine the kind where I throw-up non stop and basically lay in bed and sleep all day. It’s more of a “I feel lousy, and I am not moving from this couch!” kind of migraine. So driving 3 hours to DC and sitting out in the cold and possible rain, wasn’t real appealing. But I am so bummed, I was looking forward to it!

The other interesting thing is my migraines are the hormonal type. But the past 6 months they had been so much better, the best in probably 12-13 years! I thought maybe I was making a big hormonal shift ( meaning menopause looks appealing!) but this has been a rough month. There is a reason why it is referred to as the CURSE, oh those hormones can be evil.

On a better note……I found a cool blog that is posting about Christmas traditions. I will be posting a link and our traditions as soon as I am on the mend ( which better be soon!). I am a Christmas tradition maniac, so I will have lots to post! 🙂


  1. Total Bummer! I saw a little bit of the game (I was busy mixing up 7 different kinds of cookie batter) and thought of you. I kept wondering where your seats might be and praying you were having an enjoyable time!

    Looking forward to hearing about your traditions. We have lots too. I did a series last year and have been toying with the idea of re-running some of it. We’ll see.

  2. I’m sorry about your headache!!!! Consecrated started having migraines when he was 4 years old. It was horrible; I felt so helpless. He would just constantly vomit and he was too little to use any kind of med to stop it. I would just sit by him and pray and weep. Of course, with my history of aneurysm, I had the doctor order an MRI. Evrything was o.k., just classic migraines. We just kept praying and finally, he doesn’t get those kind of headaches anymore. Praise the Lord!!!

    In the great name of Jesus, I speak peace to Sandy’s hormones. You must be ordered in Jesus name!!! No migraines, no headaches, Just peace in every part. For the glory and honor of Jesus! AMEN!!!!

    P.S. Cool Christmas layout!!

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