C-o-f-f-e-e, memories……..


I still remember the day just like it was yesterday…….I was studying for finals late one night in college. Some friends suggested we head over to the dining hall for some coffee. They said the dining hall was open late for cookies and coffee during finals week. I was tired, and needed to do some more studying, so I followed my friends to the dining hall on that eventful night. And there for the first time in my life, I drank a cup of coffee. I thought it was pretty nasty tasting so I loaded in lots of milk, and gulped it down. But I went back the next night for my 2nd cup of coffee. It took several months of drinking coffee on occasion until I was hooked. And soon before I was truly aware of it I was going out until all hours of the night and drinking up to 10 cups of coffee in a night. I spent the rest of the night up going to the bathroom, but I was young back then, my bionic bladder could take it! šŸ™‚

I write all of this background to justify why I freaked out the other morning before school when I realized that I was out of half and half and I MUST have it for MY coffee! To me coffee just isn’t any good with out half and half. So I got the kids out the door early, and stopped and bought a cup of coffee. Why do I have this obsession with coffee? I am not a Starbucks girl, I actually don’t really like their coffee. I also don’t like so many of those coffee drinks that sound delicious, but I just don’t prefer them. I have tried a ton of them, but I am done spending money on them and will simply just order my good ole flavored coffee with entirely too much half and half in the future.

So if you were look for some rich spiritual content in this post, you will have to look some where else……..My thoughts tonight are on the fresh cup of Green Mountain Fresh Blueberry coffee that I am loading into my coffee maker for tomorrow morning. I am sure of this one thing also….. I have plenty of half and half this time.

So I am wondering ladies, do you like coffee? What kinds do you like? How do you drink your coffee? Inquiring coffee minds want to know……..



  1. I always hated coffee, the taste, the smell, ( I think I recall coffee breath on my parents as a kid, morning kisses will have to wait until after teeth were brushed) But something changed I had my first baby. Those long nights with colic and then teething, I needed something with a little get up and go. Started super sweet,1/4 cup of coffee to 3/4 skim milk, now it’s the opposite. (I had another baby!) Still don’t know if I like it as much as I feel like I need it to start the day. Fresh Blueberry? Wow, that I have never tried!

    Unfortunately, I live near S&D coffee factory. Oh, and when they so whatever they do, the whole city stinks! To me it smells more like puffed rice, blah! So, with S&D on this side of the street and Phillip Morris on the other side of the street…when the wind blows the right way, it can be pretty bad, especially during that first trimester.

  2. I love that post….very much the same for me. Didn’t really like coffee until finals week. Now, every morning I have a cup (half caff) from our Ebay found Senseo coffee maker. Look forward to it each am. Love and miss you! Di

  3. I’ve had an off-again, on-again coffee love affair since about 7th grade when I went on a youth retreat without hot chocolate and desperately needed something warm to drink.

    I went through a siege about a year ago when I quickly escalated to a 6-8 cup a day habit and decided I didn’t want to be dependent on the stuff for everyday functioning. So last June I went cold turkey and suffered through about 5-6 days of killer withdrawal headaches.

    I can now drink coffee occasionally and thoroughly enjoy doing so with some yummy flavored creamer. I just try to stick to decaf most of the time anymore.

    My favorite right now is the Marshmallow mocha from International coffee creamers.

    Fun post, Sandy!

  4. Ooooo yes, I love coffee. Iced or hot. My favorites are colombian and breakfast blend (milder than colombian). I don’t really like flavored coffee. I don’t add sugar anymore. I’m quite content with a little half and half or when I want a bit of sweetness, I do enjoy adding a little french vanilla creamer.


  5. I L.O.V.E. coffee. Both of my parents are coffee drinkers and I can’t exactly pinpoint when I developed a palette for it. I usually take my coffee at home with a little cream and a little sugar. I, also, do not care for Starbucks… I do, however like Dunkin and take theirs with just a little cream. I am a HUGE esspresso fan and like it with a little steamed milk. Bit of trivia… contrary to popular belief, esspresso has LESS caffiene than regular drip coffee. That is because the water is in contact with the beans for less time.

  6. I have never, ever enjoyed coffee yet I make it every morning for Not-So-Classic who runs on it. I think if it came in an IV he would walk around with it all day. I prefer to start my day with a nice cold Dr. Bob (the Giant brand of Dr. Pepper). Some make icky faces when i tell them that I drink a soft drink in the morning, but hey, those are only those coffee drinkers. (icky face)

  7. I enjoy a cup of coffee now and then but I do not have one every morning. When I drink a cup, I need to be sure that I drink a lot of water afterwards because it really tend to dehydrate me (quickly!).

    The type of coffee that I really enjoy is decaf. columbian. I only drink decaf when I drink coffee – I stay away from caffeine as much as possible. I enjoy a little bit of sugar in it (sometimes) and I love flavored creamer in it – I think that my favorite right now is hazelnut – I also enjoy prailenes (sp?) and cream.

  8. Hi! Found you through a link from Mocha with Linda! She told her readers to stop by and see both of us (and two others). I LOVE the name of your blog. I’m a dark chocolate girl myself. I can walk by pounds of milk chocolate all day, but if you put one tiny little square of dark chocolate down, it will be gone.

    As for your coffee inquiries – I had my first cup of coffee at age 30. I hated it before. I was in a situation where I REALLY needed to stay focused and just couldn’t do it without some caffeine. My first cup was Barnie’s German Chocolate Cake flavored coffee. I still drink flavored coffee, but NOT with syrup. I’ve never had a cup of coffee with flavored syrup that wasn’t either too “syrupy” or too plain. Flavored beans – that our vice in this house.

    From the photos of your family in the snow, I’m thinking you should enter to win a book on my site. The method of entry is to leave a comment giving me advice about traveling (and playing) in the snow in Utah. We’ve never seen snow. So we need info. Lots of info.

    GREAT Blog! I’ll be back!

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