I should never sit down!

Wow I had “PLS” bad today….not PMS, but PLS. Post Lunch Syndrome! You know that point in the day after lunch when the only thing you really care about at that point is a nice soft pillow, and a nap! I was at school when I suffered through this.ย  I was starting to doze during reading groups! ๐Ÿ™‚ I should have never brought my comfy desk chair over to the table for reading group, I sat in that cozy chair, and missed most of what my students read for about 5 min….ok it wasn’t that bad. But the story was so weird about a tramp, that could fix lamps at a camp…..and I just couldn’t teach it with my usual excitement!!

While discussing my PLS I must also mention my chronic FBS. This is really bad when I am busy, and we are soon approaching our busy season. My son is on 2 baseball teams,there is also soccer for my daughter, piano lesson, school, yard work, youth group, Wed. night church…. the list goes on, and my brain goes off! I often suffer from chronic Foggy Brain Syndrome. My brain feels like mush, I actually resort to writing things I need to remember to do on my hand out of desperation. I drive down the road in one direction, and suddenly realize I should be going the other direction, I shave one leg and forget to do the other, I go to the store to buy cheese, I come home with 8 other items, but NO cheese, I pack my lunch for school and leave it on the kitchen counter and come home to find that the dog ate it! Do you see a pattern here.? ๐Ÿ™‚

I saw it T-shirt the other day that said, “in this next life I want to have more memory installed!” AMEN to that.

Despite all my shortcomings and PLS, FBS, and PMS. I am fearfully and wonderfully made that way by a Creator. I am thankful for the way God has created me, even with all my issues! ๐Ÿ™‚

And somebody please tell me……..help me feel normal…..do you suffer from these things also?


  1. PLS, FBS and PMS have been my companions for years, although we have more of an on again / off again relationship!! :0

  2. My FBS manifests in strange ways too, like when I try to put the milk away in the cabinet instead of the refridgerator or like when I do a load of wash forgetting to put in the detergent or when I think I forgot but put it in twice. Don’t mind when the towels get a double dose of fabric softener though!

  3. Good thing I stopped with 2 kids, because the FBS got worse with each childbirth!! I never had trouble keeping up with mental lists. Now I will look at something on my list at the store and think “got that” when it isn’t even in the cart!

    So know that you are not alone. If misery loves company, a happy lot we should all be!!

    Allphabet soup, our life has become!

  4. Oh Linda, I mean Susie, err uh Sandy….YES!!!! You are not alone my dear. Mush is exactly how my brain feels too. I’ve been sitting here at home today trying my best to get caught up on work and everyone keeps demanding my attention. I have realized today that I get nothing done because I am a listener. I’m not so sure that’s a good thing!

    How I would enjoy some women to fellowship with today. Even if we all just sat around looking at each other with a blank stare because our brains weren’t functioning I wouldn’t care! LOL!

    Here’s one you’ll laugh at. I’ll need to go to the bathroom really bad, but by the time I walk down the hall I forget where I was going. So I will go back to the kitchen or living room and sit down and then it hits me again. Oh yeah, I needed to go to the little girls room. Sigh! It happens to the best of us!

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