Bad Baseball game……

SportTman had a tournament 2 weeks ago. He did not play real well, he dropped a ball in centerfield that he should have caught, he didn’t hit real well, and he messed up a play at short stop, that ended with a run scoring. After the weekend tournament, I was thinking to myself things like; what is wrong with this kid, I know he can do better, is he losing his skills, maybe he can’t play at this level, should we get him batting lessons. I was so captivated and caught up in the moment of pressure that we put on young kids to excel in sports at a young age. I was mad at my kid because he didn’t perform up to expectations. This pressure for kids to succeed starts at such a young age these days. As christians it is an ongoing challenge to keep it all in the right perspective. Fortunately for me in the situation with the bad tournament 2 weeks ago, it was my son who helped me regain the right perspective. His team ended up winning the tournament despite his poor play, and as we left the last game, SportTman yells over to me,”I’ll be right back.” He took off running across a soccer field, I see him yell over to some player from the other team. The kid turns around and SportTman shakes his hand and says something to him. They chat briefly and SportTman comes back to where I am. And as any mom would then say to their son, I ask “What did you say to that kid?” He proceeds to tell me that the player he spoke to was the losing teams shortstop. He said, ” I thought the guy played a great game mom, I wanted to tell him great game and I let him know that he was awesome at short!”

~That truly was my son’s best play of the tournament, and it reminded me that Godly character matters so much more than baseball! Thanks SportTman for helping mom to regain the right perspective!~


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