An interview with Sandy

Hello All, this is Sandy’s blog Jesus and Dark Chocolate AKA JaDC, I have taken over the blog and am writing this. She has not signed onto her blog in almost a week, I was worried and made an emergency contact with her to see where she has been! With her permission I am publishing our talk.

JaDC – Sandy where the heck have you been, it’s been almost a week since you posted. Is it me, did I say something wrong?

Sandy – Of course it’s not YOU JaDC! I have just been so busy this past week. My mom had knee replacement surgery, then my dad was in a car accident ( he is fine). As a result of both of these events, I went to their house and help out on Tues, Thurs, and Friday last week. On Wed. I had a teacher in-service ALL day. I hadn’t planned on being at my parents so long. My week was thrown off course…….. and so was I. 🙂 But as I told my parents, if they are going to have major surgery, or get in a car accident, summer is the time to do it. I am home and am more available to help out.

JaDC- You must have been a bit overwhelmed with all that going on, and didn’t you just get home from the beach?

Sandy – Yes it was a lot, and there was a large mountain of wash still sitting on my laundry room floor from the beach. Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning the house (very needed!) and grocery shopping and going to Costco. The house had the markings of a wild party being thrown while I was gone……however, I have now come to realize, it was not a wild party……just normal living for a 13 year old boy and 2 friends who slept over while I was gone.

JaDC – So how does this week look for you?

Sandy – Hopefully better! My mom and dad seem to be doing better. And I am planning a bike trip with my son to Philadelphia for the day on Tues. or Wed. But aside from that, I will be getting ready for school.

JaDC- School……..when do you start. I see lots of other blogs saying they have already started.

Sandy – We don’t start until after Labor Day. I like starting then. So this will be my last week before school starts. So I need to get all ortho and Dr. appointments in, clean the house well, and have my annual mammogram done on Friday. That is such a great way to end the summer…..NOT!!

JaDC – Are you looking forward to going back to school?

Sandy – To be honest, NO! It has really been a perfect summer, and I hate to see it end!

JaDC – What do you mean “perfect summer?”

Sandy – The last 2 summers have been crazy, lots of guests, hubby went to Bulgaria on a mission trip, my mom had a brain aneurysm burst and was in the hospital for a month, we finished our basement, lots of sports etc…….

This summer was finally much calmer and more pleasant! We took several relaxing day trips, we watched lots of movies, ate dinner and played cards on the deck, ate lots of ice cream, and just enjoyed relaxing more and savoring some down time. We had a wonderful time at the beach together, and I just selfishly hate to see it all end. 🙂

JaDC – So the next big question that I am sure is on everyone’s mind is……will you be blogging more this week?

Sandy – Yes I am sure this has been on “everyone’s mind” ( LOL!!!) But I do hope to be back in some kind of routine this week and spend time catching up on all the wonderful blogs I enjoy reading, and writing more on my blog! So thanks JaDC for tracking me down and setting up this interview. And be assured I will be visiting with you much more this week.

JaDC – Thanks Sandy……I missed you….sniff….sniff

Sandy – Oh JaDC you are just so sweet! 🙂


  1. I am glad to hear that all is ok! Thanks for posting. I have missed reading your blog. Your blog has already been an encouragement to me. Hope to be reading more from you soon!

  2. I’m back too and glad you are!!
    Good luck with the start of school. I go this week for an inservice and then begin next Wed. My daughters begin on Thurs. W e are really gonna miss our summer days of being lazy and relaxing but we are geared up for our activities and are excited about what the Lord is doing in our lives and in our ministries.
    Remember: those of us who are Christian teachers are on a major mission field!!
    Enjoy your week

  3. Wow, I wondered where you were…Sorry you’ve had all of this going on. Your sense of humor and imagination makes potentially stressful situations lighter. You’re awesome!!!

    Jesus, help Sandy to sort all of this stuff out. Give her strength, peace and stamina…and, of course, more of her wonderful, blessed sense of humor. Much love…your friend…BG

  4. You are not right… do you think this stuff up? You are the only person I know who can interview yourself and make it look like someone is actually interviewing you. Great interview with yourself. Hope you week calms down.
    You are too funny!

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