A New Life

I have thought many times over the past 25 years of walking with Christ….that Jesus died not only for our sins, but also to bring dead people back to life.   He rose and conquered the grave on that glorious third day.  So has my life been transformed and changed.

I know to many of you think I look like a nice, christian mom………oh, but if you knew me in college,  you would see the true miracle of a life transformed!

I was the big party girl on campus, I was the girl who organized a party on the roof of my dorm, I pulled people through my first floor window into my dorm room for parties, and I was the one who secretly shut down the dorm elevator so we could have a quick party in there!  Oh my!

But I was also the girl who secretly stalked a shy girl on my dorm floor.   I noticed her quietly carry a bible down the dorm wing faithfully every Tues. night at 6:50pm.  I know I shocked her one night when I asked where she was going.  And she meekly replied, Campus Crusade for Christ, and then I asked her if I could come along!!

Yes, me the girl with the roof party!! 🙂

But over the course of 3 years, God transformed this wild girl into a woman with a heart for Him.  It was a process, but I was forgiven and free.  A new life for me.

With Easter approaching this weekend I often find myself reflecting on that old me.  I still stand in awe of how God can transform, forgive, and love a sinner like me!

I once was lost, but now am found….Amazing Grace!


  1. Wow! What an interesting story… I love learning about people and hear what has formed their faith… I have been wanting to blog about my past…but I don’t want to scare anyone…thanks for doing it!

  2. That is an awesome testimony, Sandy!! I am so hesitant to have my Courtney apply to secular colleges (I went to RWC) but it is groups like Campus Crusade for Christ that gives me peace if she does decide to go secular. I was happy to read this and learn how the Lord used that girl!! have a blessed Easter!!!!

  3. What a great testimony Sandy! Thanks for sharing! Since I first started reading your blog, I’ve had the sense that you are a woman who is fun and full of life! You’re just having fun in a new way now! This is also a testimiony that our lives are being watched. Are we being the Jesus that others need to see as this quiet girl was for you? Happy Easter!

  4. Death did not keep Him. The grave couldn’t hold Him…..and because of that we have never been the same! Thank you, Jesus!

    I have friends who are home missionaries with Campus Crusade for Christ. I give to their ministry. Thank you for the reminder that Campus Crusade is being used by the Lord to save college students all over the country. Amen to that.

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