Friday Fave Five

Well spring is blooming and I do relish it!  Spring, makes one of favorites this week!!  I enjoy watching the flowers emerge from the winter soil in our woods each spring.  It’s so relaxing for me to just soak in the beauty of God’s creation in the woods behind my house!

With spring arriving that is also means the start of baseball season.  I have become such a fan of the game over the years and watching SportTman play is always exciting!

I have been so into eating those Greek CREAMY yogurts for over a month now.  They are more expensive, but full of protein and other good stuff, it’s worth it for me!  And did I mention they are so delicious!!!!!!!

iTunes makes my favorite list this week.  I have an iPod that I take with me when I work out.  This week I wasn’t real motivated to head to the gym  But downloaded a few new tunes from iTunes ( by David Crowder and Kutless), and suddenly the workout was more enjoyable since I had great music to listen to!

Good Friday today, well it’s good since I don’t have school today!  But more important, it’s a wonderful reminder to me of the pain, & suffering Jesus went through for me.  Sometimes as a mom, I try to fix my kids difficulties and pains.  But ultimately it is Jesus they need to cling to.  He understands pain and suffering, He is the great healer.  And today the reminder of that promise is one of my favorites! 🙂

Happy Easter dear friends!

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  1. Sandy,
    I always enjoy your friday fave 5. We can’t wait for baseball to start. Our favorite sport for Stunt Man.
    remembering His suffering today and thanking him for His amazing love towards us when He didn’t have to die…but He did.
    Happy Easter Friend.

  2. Today is a great reminder of that promise!

    I have never tried Greek yogurt but have heard good things about it. I’ll have to look for it next grocery trip.

    Spring I think, is finally arriving. The sun is shining but we still have a really cool edge out there. My columbine and clematis though are making a brave peek out of the soil though.

    Happy Easter!

  3. I love spring flowers, too. I’m always so ready for them to get here. I got to see Kutless in concert last week and we very impressed not only with their music but with their comments. A double blessing. Enjoy your day off school, and hope you have a blessed Easter!

  4. I love my iPhone, too and listening to my playlist on it is great. Recently I downloaded Pandora onto it and am really enjoying that, also. I have Pandora One on my computer so I can access all of my “channels” on my iPhone and listen without ads. It’s great! Have a wonderful Easter.

  5. Your daffodils are beautiful!

    Ah, spring is in the air, isn’t it?

    I loved your comment about trying to fix things as a Mom — so true. He’s the ulitmate Fixer.

    Happy resurrection day!

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