Friday Fave Five…..already!?!?

Hey wait one minute how can it be Friday already?  I had planned to write at least 2 blog posts this past week……….uh….what happened?

My first week off of school and it flew right by, but I must say it has flown at a slower pace than the usual pace around here.  And I do promise to post the most awesome Whoppie Pie recipe that I had mentioned here.

As a matter of fact those yummy Amish treats made my list again this week.  I had stopped at a local produce stand and the dear Amish women made a point to show me the “FRESH BAKED” AMAZING LOOKING  whoppie pies that she was selling.  As I wiped the drool from my chin, I promptly bought six of them!  And yes they were SO good.

A simple little camera makes my list also.  We have a nice camera, but I wanted one I could keep in my pocket/purse for everyday use.  So I used some birthday money I had and bought a cute little Sony Cyber Shot.  It should get a lot of use on our upcoming trip (more on that next week!)

I have always been a bit of a back to nature kind of girl.  So as I was exploring our woods with SportTman, I was thrilled to find several wild black raspberry bushes.   We picked a bunch the other day.  Wow with a little sugar on them, they are scrumptious!!

This is a fun yard sale gem that I am thrilled with.  As I mentioned above we will soon be taking a trip and flying.  My kids have never flown, and it’s been 15 years since I have flown.  We don’t really have much luggage, just big duffel like bags that we always use.  Which work fine, except when you have to haul them through an airport.  So the Inventor and I were thrilled to find those nice suitcases on wheels with the cool handle.  We got one for $5 and the other one for .25!!!  So I will be taking my $5.25 luggage through the airport looking real good! 🙂

And my last Fave Five, is simple……S.U.M.M.E.R!!!!!!

For more Friday Fave Five visit sweet Susanne at Living to Tell the Story


  1. Let’s here it for summer! I am finally relaxing and getting things done… love the luggage find! Where ya going?? Enjoy your weekend!

  2. My daughter used to have a Cyber Shot and loved it. Have fun snapping. Woo-hoo and your great luggage deal! You’ll love the wheels. Have a great trip. I love summer, too.

  3. great list…YAY FOR SUMMER! YES… I finally got up to one of the lakes today and it was glorious! the water was perfect temp and the sky was a gorgeous blue with full sun…..
    great find there with the luggage! and those ADK chairs sure look peaceful….what a great spot to read in or just snap pics with that awesome new camera…enjoy your trip!!!

  4. I’m with you on summer!! My favourite season.

    Great buys on the luggage. I love deals.

    We were on our way home from PA this week and I saw whoopie pies on sale. Should have bought them but I doubt that they would taste as good as your Amish ones. I’m looking forward to your recipe.

    Happy weekend!

  5. I love summer too and I couldn’t survive without my pocket camera…it has rescued me several times when I forgot my big camera.
    Very cool luggage.

  6. Those suitcases were a steal! I can’t believe you only paid that for them.

    I have a Sony Cybershot too and really like it. Very user friendly.

  7. I love black raspberry jam. It’s my favorite. ~ I hope you enjoy your new camera on your trip. Please share photos when you get back. I love to see pictures. Have a great week!

  8. The purchase of a pocket camera is a good idea, I often leave my camera at home because it doesn’t fit in my pocket purse and I’m afraid to drop it.

    Your blackberries are coming along nicely, I’m still at the flower stage.

    Great find on suit cases.
    Have a wonderful week

  9. Sandy,
    Enjoy your summer break…I enjoyed your post. Loving that luggage:)Look forward to seeing some blogs this summer, while you are relaxing. (I know how that goes…every intention of relaxing, but then something else happens.haha!)

  10. That luggage was a great deal! You’ll be so glad to have them in the airport!

    And guess what?! While we were in Lancaster last week, I bought about 20 whoopie pies (Both chocolate and pumpkin) as well as 4 shoofly pies! I’m in Heaven! Well, actually, I did give some away to the nice neighbors who fed our cats and watered our plants. But I’ve got a nice personal stash left…

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