Hello Summer

I  have noticed a few things this summer

SportTman is quite content to eat frozen pizzas all day long

I still hate doing the laundry

Dinner always tastes better when eaten on our deck overlooking the woods

Watermelon is addicting……but so are fresh milkshakes!

The Inventor loves to clean!!!  🙂  She can be rented for a small fee……

If my son goes to basketball camp all day and then 2 hours later plays in a baseball game………don’t go anywhere near him when he takes his cleats off after the game.

Bonus!!  Any idea where this family picture was taken??  I will give much more info on the picture by Saturday, possibly Friday.  Clues are coming so check back……


  1. Well it looks like you are at a major league baseball game but I would have no idea which one…..I’ve only see Yankee Stadium, Fenway, (of course!) and the one in Pittsburgh where I froze my tushie off (we were on vaca for spring break)

    like you, we think breakfast, lunch and dinner taste better on our deck. 🙂

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