Lots of baseball and airplanes!

I‘m back!!  Feeling like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz……There is NO place like Home!!

I know,  you didn’t even know I was over a 1,000 miles away from my home, I didn’t post on my blog that I was flying to of all places…….Omaha, NE.

I decided to keep it hush so all of you wouldn’t rush to my place to rob it while I was away! 🙂

So now the big question that needs to be answered is WHY did Jesus and Dark Chocolate and the fam fly to Omaha??

Baseball of course! 🙂

SportTman got to play in a tournament there and as part of the tournament, we got tickets to see the College World Series.  A great thing for a boy who aspires to play baseball in college.  And I must admit, I have come to also love the game of baseball!  Geez I can now tell the difference between a curve ball, fastball, and  change up from 400 ft away!  If you look closely at the pic you will notice SportTman’s right hand fingers are “buddy taped.”  He had broken his pinkie finger 3 weeks before the trip.  But as God so graciously provides, he was good to go and pitched and played well!

This was the first time my kids have ever flown – great experience, especially the small plane we took from Chicago to Omaha!

We also enjoyed this hip rental, the sweet lady in Omaha gave us an upgrade since she thought it was cool that she had actually visited our quaint hometown before!

We were thrilled to see both games of the College World Series. The championship game was wild, chaotic, fun and as a bonus we got to see a streaker!  Good thing they put paper boxers on him before escorting him from the stadium!

It was the last year the game will be played at this stadium, so The Inventor and I had fun checking out the stadium before the game.

There was also a cool Water Park in our hotel!!  Drums and I were the ONLY parents there that actually joined all the kids at the water park!  We had so much fun! Lazy River, cool water slides and a glorious indoor/outdoor hot tub. 🙂

There is also a really nice zoo in Omaha…..who remembers Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom?  I used to love that show……so the zoo in Omaha was the setting for the show.  Great, modern zoo!  Here are my kids in the big desert dome, it was very realistic complete with some nasty snakes!

It was a very active vacation, no real down time, we were up early to play baseball and out late watching baseball.  But I must admit, even with out the down time…..it was a true family memory making vacation!

What are your vacation plans this summer?  I truly believe family vacations make lasting memories and bring the family closer together!


  1. What a great trip! We aren’t doing a family vacation this year…well on Labor Day…2 dds and myself are coming to NYC to seeing oldest dd… but dh is staying home with the dogs… other than that we are doing staycations… I am glad you had a fun time!

  2. I am sooo glad you had an awesome trip/vacation!! Pics are great….yay for indoor water parks…sounds so cool! The zoo sounds amazing and yes, I used to watch Mutual of Omaha…it was one of the like 4 shows my parents would let us watch..lol…
    well, our big vacation of the year, as you know, already occurred during spring break (Paris) so we are just finishing up our 5 days on the cape, and then we’ll be here again later in the summer for a long Labor day week. In between we will be traveling to western NYS to visit a potential college for my oldest and then heading to Vermont for a day trip to see a campus and then to Boston for 2 days for yet 2 more college visits….but….we WILL make some family memories for sure!!

  3. Wow girly that sounds like a trip that my family would LOVE. You totally should have tagged us along. WE love BASEBALL.
    Love the family picture…so good.

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