Friday Fave Five

Always fun to reflect on the week, and pick Five Faves!  Thanks to Susanne for being such a great host!

Faves this week included;

The 10 lbs of blueberries I bought!  I freeze them every year ( info on freezing and recipes to come!) and enjoy fresh blueberries in baked treats all year long!   I made these blueberry muffins today.  21 of them, there are now 4 left!  We love them!

I am also relishing all the local fresh produce and quaint produce stands all around me!  The fresh, local produce is in abundance around here.  Here is one of my fave places to stop.

And who can resist all of this!!  Another fave is all the good fruit we are enjoying!

And with temps in the 100’s this week, I have been enjoying my “new” “clothes dryer!”  🙂

Fireworks with friends also makes my list.  We have been getting together with the same friends for the past 5-6 years.  Now the kids are all teens and have cell phones…….this pictures is so typical…taking pics of the fireworks with their cell phone.  It was a wonderful night and our small town sure put on a wonderful display!


  1. Love your faves….especially the blueberries and the pic of the teens… typical in my house too….(well, the 11 year old likes to borrow my cell…the teen already has her own!). I also am loving all the fresh fruit/veggies and in fact, I am just about to head out to my fave farmers market! ENJOY the weekend…hopefully this high humidity will drop….i wanna go biking with out sweating! lol

  2. Ahh kids and their cellphones it’s like an permanent extension of their hands. Wow look at all those blueberries. I have one bush and it will be a few more weeks before they are ready to pick. Produce stands are great! Enjoy!

  3. Love blueberries. We go blueberry pickin every year and we picked 11 gallons this year. I freeze them in 4 cup quanities because it seems most of my recipes call for 4 cups. I made a bluberry coffeecake the other day that was so yummy! ~ The tomatoes in that picture look wonderful!

  4. Blueberry muffins are a favourite here too.

    Love the baskets of peaches – I can hardly wait until we have some local ones here. In a few weeks or so.

    Those family traditions are the best!

    Happy weekend Sandy!

  5. Aren’t kids and their cell phones funny?

    Now you have me craving blueberries. Those look sooo good especially in those yummy muffins.

  6. Your muffins look wonderful! That roadside stand reminds me of Weaver’s Orchard. We used to live a mile away from Weaver’s and I miss it so much! There just aren’t roadside places like that with fresh produce around here. Sigh.

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