Flood Fun

So we got a little rain around these parts.  Ok, a lot of rain, 8-12 in. worth.  Don’t believe me…..well here is one of my favorite places to ride bike.
Yep….see what I mean.  A.L.O.T of water! 🙂  So what do you do when your Governor declares a state of emergency, school is closed for 2 days, and endless friends have basements full of water.
You help out your friends and strive to make the best of it!  I came home from my first day of school tired and weary.  It was a long day.  My kids of course came home excited and full of energy.
Our creek had flooded and they wanted to tube down it!!
WHAT?????  I pondered?  You have got to be kidding.
Before I knew it, they were pumping up our inner tubes and gathering the neighborhood kids, I knew they meant business.
And as any decent mom does, I worried about the dangers of entering the wild current of the overflowing creek.  So I hiked back with the kids into the jungle of our rainforest looking for the Nile River to tube down…..a.k.a our creek.
We found the Nile,  and I soon found myself up to my knees in the angry waters taking pictures.  I trekked for what seemed like miles in the rain with the kids, watching them tube down the creek.
And before I knew it, I realized I was having FUN!  It had been years since I had been stream stomping! 🙂  Despite being so reluctant at first to go anywhere except to a couch with a blanket and a soft pillow, I was now prancing through an overflowing, wild stream like I did in my youth!

I guess that is how my attitude always is, I try to make the best of any situation.  If I don’t like something, or it seems to hard, I see it as a challenge and go after it.
That was me….until Oct. 1st, 2010, when Early Onset Alzheimer’s entered our world.
This situation with Curt has been a tough one to make the best of.  My usual positive, optimist attitude doesn’t always comply with my volatile emotions.  It seems almost daily I rise to the challenges of living with this disease….and living with 2 teens. 🙂  But some days I don’t rise to well, there are days I am beaten down, frustrated and overwhelmed!  My feisty fighter attitude seems to have been washed down the stream in the flood.
I miss my husband.
I miss the competent, leader that he was for our family.
Actually, There is so much that I miss about him.
I am sad for our future.
HOWEVER…..my story doesn’t end here. 🙂
There is HOPE in this storm of life. And that is what carries me on this journey.
It’s words like this:

“I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.  Psalm 91:15

Do you see the word in?  Troubles will come and God will be with us in troubles!
It’s also songs like this one that inspire and strengthen me on this journey, in these troubles.

Sure it’s hard, but as Curt often says for those who know Christ and seek after Him, the journey ends well! 🙂  Yes……there is Hope, Goodness, and Love on this journey. For Almighty God is with us IN our frustrations and difficulties.  There is a Godly peace in the storm of life.
We may be beaten down and frustrated, but we do not despair.  For there is Hope!
  And that is something that  brings out the optimist side of me. 🙂

Thanks for your ongoing care and prayers for our family,



  1. When I saw your tubing adventures on FB I grinned and was a bit jealous! I know the water is overwhelming… but at least you all found the fun! Take Care! I pray that your school your is a good one… each day is new that is for sure! Take Care

  2. Sandy, I continue to think of and pray for your family. Each week as I sit with a young woman (29) with ALS, I think about “that day” when she (and Curt) will be whole again. And, as I watch her husband struggle with their situation, I think of you. I ache for all of you. BUT…God IS with you in your struggles, and I pray that some of God’s people are with you also. Thank you for continuing to keep us posted on your life and know that there are people who may never meet you in this life who have come to love your family.

  3. Sandy, I am glad there are moments that you can be transported away from the stress and worry and that you can just be happy and carefree. May God bless your family with many of these to help you carry on.

  4. Sandy,
    I pray for you and your family consistently. The Lord brings you to my mind often…..A verse that was impressed on me concerning your situation is this:
    “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39
    I think of Curt, and how he must feel on some days, realizing that he will continue to lose parts of himself over time….and yet, no matter how dark it might become, Christ will never leave him. He will meet Curt, right where he is at. He is the LIGHT in the darkness of this disease.
    Lifting you up, my friend….and I wanted to let you know that I am encouraged BY YOU, as you journey through this season of life.
    BTW, I’m going to be home for a few days at Christmas. Maybe we could meet in Lancaster for lunch one day?

  5. Was going to encourage you with scripture, but every verse that came to mind is already mentioned in your post! 🙂 You know the Truth, the battle is just to keep it at the forefront of your mind, and use it to ward off feelings of discouragement in tough moments. I am so impressed by your positive attitude, and I want you to know I am praying for your family still, and always.

  6. Oh Sandy, I saw your pics on FB and couldn’t believe it! but i’m so glad you had a chance to just have some fun…and I love how you relate the storms to your own situation and the Scripture that ties in so nicely! Still praying for you you know!! Good to see you blogging and hope you have a good start to the school year. I’ll have to inbox to tell you the nightmare situation I’m in at work! UGH! but…God is with me IN this! 🙂

  7. Your pictures are amazing! That was an incredible amount of water. Glad you guys had some fun with it.

    Your song reminded me of a book I’m reading right now. If you haven’t read it, I think it would be a HUGE blessing to you. I know it has been to me. The book is Randy Alcorn’s [Heaven]. It is THE best book I’ve read on the topic. And it has literally changed my outlook on life.

    Bible College simply didn’t do the study of Heaven justice. I find myself thinking of Heaven in whole new ways, and looking forward to it with all my heart. It also helps put the trials we face in this life in a perspective that makes them more tolerable.


  8. Hey friend… life has been so busy that I read this post and prayed for you but never did get to take time to write. I just wanted you to know that since reading this my prayer for you has been for God to meet you specially in those moments where you are missing Curt. I know you also need wisdom, stamina, grace and humor to deal with all of the decisions, parenting teenagers and so much more. So thankful too, that you were able to muster the energy to make memories of the day the creek flooded, enjoying Fall pleasures and keep your eyes on Jesus–his faithfulness now and future hope, Just wanted you to know that I am still praying for you, even tho’ I have not been in touch! love to you, Sylvia
    p.s. Went to visit Erik up at Liberty last weekend when my parents were here from CA and he is doing GREAT. Really seems to be thriving at LU! 🙂

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