Now he knows!

Last Friday I had to work while the kids were home alone, just saying home alone, can bring to mind … More

Random Ramblings

“Coffee!” my brain and body are crying out for coffee this morning………my head is crying out for some Tylenol. I … More

Aloha Friday

With this cold we are experiencing on the east coast, just the word Aloha sounds so inviting!  🙂 So it’s … More

Are you suffering from PVS?

Signs you are suffering from Post Vacation/Christmas Syndrome You have trouble getting up in the morning You keep finding ornament … More

For a moment

I think my daughter will turn out ok…… I came up from the basement yesterday to hear The Inventor running … More

Wordless Wednesday

This is what happened to Grammy’s nice garden wagon. After she no longer needed it for her garden, she gave … More

Random thoughts

Every blogger needs a random thoughts post every once in a while. So now it’s my turn for some serious … More